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Ten reasons why an electric car is more fun and better

April 13, 2023

This century is the century of the electric car. In our continent, most motorists will already be driving electric in the coming decades. In this article, we discuss ten reasons why an electric car is more fun and better to drive and why it’s a good idea to make the switch this year.

Maintenance is cheaper

Did you know that an electric car actually requires very little to almost no maintenance? There are very few moving parts on an electric vehicle so very little breaks down. The brake discs also need little replacement: braking is mainly done on the engine, thus generating power again. Maintenance is much cheaper than servicing a gasoline-powered car.

Driving is cheaper

Did you know that driving an electric car is generally cheaper? You pay more to buy an EV, but you pay no gasoline (+ excise tax), no road tax and less additional tax. We would like to challenge you to do that math for yourself and you will see that a gasoline car is more expensive.

It is more sustainable

Did you know that an electric car helps reduce CO2? With such a car, you often drive 30 to sometimes 70 percent cleaner compared to a gasoline, diesel or LPG car. If you charge your car with solar panels from your roof, you are completely carbon neutral.

It is better for the environment

Did you know that an electric car does not need an exhaust system? After all, no CO2 is emitted. The only CO2 emissions occur at the power plants. So inner cities, highways and other places with lots of cars become more livable and it’s better for the environment.

The range is greater

Previously, electric cars were inconvenient because of their limited range. However, it is getting bigger: now EVs can sometimes drive as far as 500 to 800 kilometers without recharging.

Charging stations are everywhere

You will also find more and more charging stations in the Netherlands. For example, did you know that if you look at the platform laadpalen Nederland, you can see exactly where there are charging stations in the Netherlands that you pass on your route? So now you can plot your route including a place where you can “refuel” kWh’s.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Did you know that an electric car is often warranted for many years longer than a “normal” gasoline, diesel or LPG car? Manufacturers of electric cars sometimes even give a warranty of 5 to 7 years because the parts last much longer.

It’s a computer on wheels

Did you know that with an electric car you are actually driving a computer on wheels? You have all kinds of cool gadgets you can take advantage of.

The car is rap

Did you know that an electric car often wins over gasoline cars in a drag race? The electric motor releases power instantly, making a car accelerate much faster.

The EU requires the

Did you know that starting in 2035, you won’t be able to buy a new gasoline car within the borders of the European Union? Manufacturers may no longer make cars with an internal combustion engine after that year.

Switch as soon as possible

These 10 reasons will surely motivate you to make a switch. Do so quickly and save money, help the environment and enjoy a fast car.