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Review – Skoda Superb Combi (2024) – That’s all the car you need.

March 27, 2024

The battle for the wallet

The new Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb arrive on the market almost simultaneously, both vying for the attention of consumers eager for lots of luggage space. The cars are technically similar, but the price tag differs significantly. The Skoda comes from 44,990 euros, while Volkswagen is asking 4 grand more for the Passat.

About twenty years ago, the choice was quickly made. Because a Volkswagen was a Volkswagen and a Skoda was a Skoda. But these days you don’t have to be ashamed of a Skoda. With the brand, you have been getting great value for money for years. This seems to be the case again with the new Superb as well.

Stylish and practical

In the Lisbon area, we make our first test meters with the new Skoda Superb Combi. The big Skoda also returns to the market in hatchback form, but the Combi may kick off. The Superb is perhaps Skoda’s least pronounced model. It is a typical business car, which should not stand out too much. The exterior is elegant but not overdone. The fourth generation retains the recognizable Superb look, but with a modern touch, such as a more prominent octagonal grille and distinctive LED Matrix headlights.

Space wonder

The Superb Combi has gained some extra length, which means it can fit more luggage than ever before. In the back, you can store as much as 680 liters. By comparison, the Skoda Enyaq – the brand’s largest electric SUV – fits “only” 585 liters. Folding the rear seats forward creates an immense space of a whopping 1,920 liters. You don’t get any closer to a moving truck with a passenger car. Note: In the PHEV version, a battery pack gobbles up nearly 150 liters of storage space.

Smart interior

Inside, the Superb offers a refined environment with high-quality materials and thoughtful details. The Superb is not inferior to a Passat here. In fact, we think the Skoda is even a bit nicer inside than its German cousin. The standard 10-inch Virtual Cockpit and 13-inch infotainment screen take the interior to the next level, while smart features such as Smart Dials make daily life behind the wheel considerably more enjoyable. These intuitive dials allow you to effortlessly control climate control, seat heating, ventilation speed and even driving modes, without fiddling with the infotainment screen. Although the rotary knobs feel a bit cheap, we don’t really ever want to drive a car without similar multifunctional physical control knobs. Those who don’t want to stare at a screen at all can get a head-up display in the Superb for the first time in the brand’s history.

Second row of seats

With an enlarged wheelbase of 2.84 meters, there is abundant interior space for the whole family, which the passengers in the back seat can also enjoy. Growing adolescents who are selected for the local basketball team because of their height can sit comfortably in the back. With clever details such as storage compartments for smartphones behind the seats and a handy tablet holder in the armrest, they can entertain themselves for hours with their favorite movies or games during long trips.

Mild- and Plug-in Hybrid

Skoda always delivers the Superb in the Netherlands with an electrified powertrain. You have two flavors to choose from: mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Both use a 1.5-liter TSI gasoline engine. The mild-hybrid Superb boasts 150 horsepower. In the PHEV, a hefty electric motor supports the gasoline engine, increasing output to 204 hp. A 26 kWh battery pack allows the electric motor to do all the work alone for about 100 kilometers before the gasoline engine has to step in. Is the battery dead before you get home? With a fast charger, it can handle 50 kW and is back to 80% battery charge in 25 minutes. Which powertrain we prefer, we tell you in the video below: