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Review – Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

July 20, 2022

The Factory has the 100-hp engine of the RS 660 but wrapped in the Tuono’s “naked” look. However, it has a fairing, right? True, but the plating is smaller in size. You see more of the two-cylinder block with the Factory.

Higher and wider handlebars

Furthermore, the seating position is less forward than on the RS 660. That one has lower handlebars and the cockpit actually falls into the upper part of the fairing. On the Factory, the handlebars are higher and wider. Also, the mirrors are bolted to the handlebars and not the fairing. The seating position is more like on a naked bike and the wind has a free hold on your body.

Only 181 kg roadworthy!

That different seating position makes the Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory easier (read: kinder to wrists) to handle. In the city, you swing through traffic with playful ease. Logical, because with 181 kg roadworthy it is a light machine. The seating position also cooperates and so does the slightly larger handlebars.

City or highway: the Aprilia Tuono is at home anywhere

On winding country roads and on the highway, the Tuono 660 Factory nevertheless knows how to get around. The two-cylinder wants to pull it quite a bit. Certainly in the Netherlands you will not be short of power anywhere. The pounding sound of the two-stroke engine when accelerating only adds to the intensity of the speed experience. Effortlessly, you poke the front wheel to the apex of the corner and accelerate out of the corner with the throttle on full.

Power increased to 100 hp

The Tuono 660 Factory has 5 hp more than the Tuono 660: 100 hp instead of 95 hp. Thanks to the use of a shorter final drive, with a 16-tooth sprocket, one less than the Tuono 660, the bike has even more pulling power during acceleration. You definitely notice that. Eagerly, the paralleltwin climbs the revs and seems to have more power in the house than the stated 67 Nm of torque.

Most Powerful Two-Player

Even in top sixth gear, this compact motorcycle wants to move forward violently. What a zest for life there is in the twin! Somehow it makes sense, because 100 hp from a 659 cc twin-cylinder is a lot. The Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory is one of the most powerful two-starters you can buy, especially with this displacement.

Driver assistance and electronics

The Tuono 660 Factory comes with a comprehensive package of electronic rider assistance, including a quickshifter for upshifts and downshifts. A six-axis IMU sensor controls the electronics so that assistance in curves is automatically optimally tuned. That goes for Engine Brake, Traction Control, throttle response, ABS and Wheelie Control. So a lot of guardian angels you have in the engine and not on the shoulder.

Five driving modes and fully adjustable suspension

The operation of the assistance is self-coloring with driving modes. There are five of them, including a mode to set all the parameters yourself. In addition, compression, rebound stroke and spring preload of the Sachs rear spring/damper unit and of the Kayaba front fork are adjustable. So you can go all out on fine-tuning the Tuono 660 Factory, even if you harbor racing aspirations and take to the track from time to time. Are you more of a lover of peace and regularity? Then know that this Aprilia also has standard Cruise Control.


Aprilia has clearly opted for a very mature naked bike in the mid-range segment. It’s an almost track-worthy racer when it comes to settings. The aluminum bridge frame is rigid and light which is also translated into the very low running weight of this machine. The Brembo brakes are powerful with plenty of margin. You can recognize the Factory version of the Tuono 660 by the Factory Dark graphics with red-black and streamlined rear saddle cover that comes standard. Here is a compact motorcycle with everything you would want to covet as a rider and also with a mountain of horsepower. That has a higher price but it’s not extreme when you see what you get with this Aprilia. 12,899 euros (current price level) and then you have a fine and very sporty handlebar bike with which you can “surprise” riders on heavier motorcycles.