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Renault Scénic Vision Concept lusts after electricity and hydrogen  

May 19, 2022

Electric Renault

Renault knows how to build and sell an electric car. With 71,579 copies, the Zoe was the third best-selling EV in Europe in 2021. The Zoe has now gained a big electric brother: the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric. The French are now packing solidly and in two years’ time will come out with an even bigger model, an electric Scénic.


The Mégane E-Tech Electric has now entered the fray against the Volkswagen ID.3, and the electric Scénic will compete against the ID.4, among others, in two years. Although you still have to wait two years for the new Scénic, Renault says the production model is already ready. The car you see in the photos is officially a concept car, but it will be marketed in almost the same form. The interior will look less futuristic in the final product, though.

Renault on Hydrogen

The Scénic Vision is equipped with a special powertrain. In the bottom lies a battery pack with a capacity of only 40 kWh. On power from the battery, the Renault gets ‘only’ 250 kilometers far. A 16 kW hydrogen fuel cell provides an additional driving range of 250 kilometers. The hydrogen system ensures that the family SUV needs a battery pack that is twice as compact and lighter to have the same range as competing models, which do have to lug around a large battery pack. Besides the weight savings, there are other advantages. For example, fewer raw materials are needed for the battery pack, and in addition, of course, a small battery is less expensive.

Even more sustainable

When it comes to materials, the Scénic Vision also focuses on sustainability. More than 70 percent of the materials used in the car are recycled, 95 percent of which are recyclable once the car reaches the end of its life. The interior is leather-free and full of renewable and organic materials. The parts around the dashboard are made of 100% recycled aluminum.

800 kilometers

According to Renault, starting in 2030, when a larger network of hydrogen stations is in place, long trips of up to 800 kilometers can be made in the Scénic Vision without recharging electrically. You then only need to stop at a hydrogen refueling station for five minutes at the halfway point of your trip. Whether the production version of the Scénic will be launched in two years with this particular “hybrid powertrain” is not yet clear.

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