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Opel Rocks-e a hit in the Netherlands

November 4, 2022

On to over 1,000 copies!

Robin Uebbing, Manager Director Opel, reveals in an interview with that Opel has already registered more than 600 units of the Rocks-e in the Netherlands to date. “That is quite special, because the market for mopeds is quite small in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the demand for the Rocks-e is greater than expected and more than 600 units have been sold.”

Opel expects more than 1,000 to receive a moped license plate in the Netherlands this year.

Paying at once most popular

The Opel Rocks-e is available for sale outright, as well as via private lease or financing. The majority of buyers choose direct payment. That’s because Opel also doesn’t charge the top price for this electric moped with a top speed of 45 mph. The starting price of the passenger version of the Opel Rocks-e starts at 8,499 euros, but the bulk of buyers opt for the Tekno with yellow interior and exterior details. That one costs 9,299 euros. We explain all the costs in the video below. Or else read this post about all the prices and costs of the Opel Rocks-e.

Opel Rocks-e Kargo

Uebbing: “The Rocks-e also comes as a Kargo version, which is interesting for businesses. For example, there are already pizza companies that order a Rocks-e Kargo version in order to use it to deliver food at home on a local level. The Rocks-e is of course ideal for that, although we also see that the passenger version is hugely popular with both young and old. The Rocks-e can also replace a car if you only take trips in the neighborhood. The range comes out to 75 kilometers.”

Opel Rocks-e Kargo

Citycar? Opel Rocks-e also great for rural areas!

By the way, the Rocks-e is not just for in-town transportation. This two-seater also stands its ground in the countryside, as an extensive endurance test by previously revealed.