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New Mercedes-Benz CLE replaces two models

July 6, 2023

Market launch CLE Coupe and CLE Convertible

According to the German manufacturer, the new CLE Coupe is based on the conceptual and technical innovations of the C-Class and E-Class. The CLE Coupe will be launched in Europe in November 2023. The CLE Cabriolet will follow in 2024. With the new model series ‘s, Mercedes-Benz meets the needs of many customers in the C- and E-Class segment.

Length, width and height

Witha length of 4,850 mm, a width of 1,860 mm and a height of 1,428 mm, the new two-door model is the largest coupe in the mid-class segment. With its size concept – in particular the 25 mm longer wheelbase – the CLE Coupe offers significantly more space than the C-Class Coupe. The wheelbase is 2,865 mm. Rear passengers in particular benefit from 10 mm more headroom, 19 mm more shoulder and elbow room, and 72 mm more knee room. The luggage compartment offers 60 liters more capacity and three golf bags can easily fit inside.

The Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe and Cabriolet

Dimensions Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe

    CLE Coupe Difference with
C-Class Coupe
Difference with
E-Class Coupe
Length mm 4.850 +164 +15
Width mm 1.860 +50 0
Height mm 1.428 +23 -2
Wheelbase mm 2.865 +25 -8
Front overhang mm 888 +98 +38
Rear overhang mm 1.097 +41 -15
Track width front/rear mm 1.605/1.616 +38/+68 0/+7
Effective legroom for mm 1.070 +2 +7
Effective rear legroom mm 869 +56 -43
Rear knee clearance mm 33 +72 -7
Maximum headroom for mm 1.024 +1 -15
Maximum rear headroom mm 915 +10 -10
Shoulder space for mm 1.414 +22 -10
Shoulder space behind mm 1.331 +19 +54
Elbow space for mm 1.489 +17 -5
Elbow space behind mm 1.377 +19 +36
Luggage compartment capacity liters 420 +60 -5

Characteristics CLE

The base AVANTGARDE Line model comes standard on 18-inch alloy wheels. With the AMG Line, 19-inch rims are standard. Mercedes-Benz provides alloy wheels in 18- to 20-inch and ten different paint colors. The suspension is lowered 15 mm as standard. The optional DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL with continuously adjustable damping on the front and rear axles combined with rear axle steering, both part of the technology package, ensures particularly smooth and at the same time comfortable driving pleasure. The steering angle is a maximum of 2.5°. This reduces the turning radius by 50 cm. Despite its larger dimensions, the rear-wheel-drive CLE Coupe has a smaller turning radius than the C-Class Coupe (10.7 instead of 11.2 meters).


The CLE Coupe has standard LED headlights with a newly designed multi-function ‘torch’ for daytime running lights, position lights and turn signals. Digital Light headlights with and without projection function are available as an option. They feature two daytime running light ellipses and blue illumination of the headlight base.

The back is characterized by smooth surfaces and seamless transitions. Another highlight are the two-piece LED taillights with new contours and three-dimensional light units. Optional light show to greet and bid farewell to passengers. The taillights are connected by a dark red design element.


Interior Mercedes-Benz CLE

The interior is broadly similar to other Mercedes-Benz models. We spy a 12.3-inch combination instrument, the driver-facing 11.9-inch center display in portrait format and dynamic ambient lighting with 64 colors. This can extend from the center console to below the outer air outlets if desired. In each of the doors, a light strip runs along the contours of the armrest and the top of the doors toward the rear. Another highlight are the front seats developed exclusively for the CLE in integral design. Combined with the optional Burmester 3D surround sound system, they each have two speakers at the height of the headrests.

The Mercedes-Benz CLE also has a so-called Easy Entry feature. For the first time at Mercedes-Benz, the front seats are unlocked not with a lever, but with a loop of Nappa leather. It is easily accessible at the top edge of the backrest.

Engines, all mild-hybrids

All engines of the CLE are mild-hybrids with an integrated starter alternator (ISG) and a 48V on-board grid. There is a choice of four-cylinders and – as the top engine – a 3.0-liter six-in-line gasoline engine (Mercedes-Benz CLE 450 4MATIC). The ISG includes the 48V on-board grid. It provides functions such as roll-out (“sailing”), boost or recuperation, thus enabling significant consumption savings. Another advantage: the engines start very quickly and easily. As a result, the start-stop function is almost imperceptible, as is the transition from coasting with the engine switched off to a powerful drive in which much of the engine’s power is called upon. At idle, the ISG’s intelligent interaction with the combustion engine ensures maximum smoothness. Thanks to a new battery, the power of the electric motor could be increased from 15 to 17 kW compared to other model series. The boost torque is 200 Nm.

Also as a PHEV

Mercedes-Benz will later offer the CLE Coupe as a plug-in hybrid. In all-electric driving mode, the vehicle offers a usable range. The driving program reserves the electric driving mode for the most sensible stretches. Electric driving, for example, is given priority on routes in urban areas.

The model range at launch in Europe:

    CLE 220 d CLE 200 CLE 200 4MATIC CLE 300 4MATIC CLE 450 4MATIC
Displacement cm3 1.993 1.999 1.999 1.999 2.999
max. assets kW/hp 145/200 150/204 150/204 190/258 280/381
at rpm 3.600-3.600 5.800-5.800 6.100-6.100 5.800-5.800 5.800-6.100
Extra power EQ boost kW/hp 17/23 17/23 17/23 17/23 17/23
Max.torque Nm 440 320 320 400 500
at rpm 1.800-2.800 1.600-4.000 2.000-4.000 2.000-3.200 1.800-5.000
Extra torque EQ boost Nm 200 200 200 200 200
Fuel consumption combined (WLTP) l/100 km 5,2-4,714 7,1-6,414 7,5-6,7 7,6-7,014 8,6-7,815
CO2 emissions combined (WLTP) g/km 137-12314 162-14514 171-15315 173-15914 196-17615
Acceleration 0-100 km/h sec. 7,5 7,4 7,5 6,2 4,416
top speed km/h 238 240 23616 250 25016


The Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe and Cabriolet