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Morgan Midsummer is British-Italian beauty

May 16, 2024

Barchetta look for Morgan Midsummer

The Morgan Midsummer is recognizable by its typical barchetta (“boat”) design. At the base of the Midsummer is Morgan’s latest CX-Generation Bonded Aluminum Platform. Under the hood is a turbocharged six-cylinder engine with eight-speed automatic transmission, sourced from BMW.

Design boss Morgan speaking

Jonathan Wells, Chief Design Officer at Morgan Motor Company, said, “The Midsummer showcases the flexibility of the Morgan silhouette, presenting a vehicle that is striking in its appearance and unmistakably a Morgan. A celebration of coachbuilding that combines the expertise, story and creativity of both Morgan and Pininfarina to deliver a seamless balance between tradition and progress.”

Morgan Midsummer
Morgan Midsummer

Visible wood

A striking design detail of the Midsummer is the use of wood on the exterior of the car. Wood has always played a crucial role in Morgan’s designs, but until now it has only been used as a material for the frame, upon which the handmade aluminum sheet metal parts were placed. As a result, the wood was not visible from the outside. With the Midsummer, it is different.

The distinctive “barchetta” shape allows the shoulder line to be emphasized with wood. This is not only a challenge and a wonderful way for the craftsmen who build each Morgan by hand to showcase their skills, but also a tribute to the material Morgan has relied on for so long. From the very beginning of the project, it was clear to Pininfarina that wood would have a visible role in the design.

Unique 19-inch wheels

But there is more. The Midsummer exudes exclusivity in every detail, like a timeless style icon. For example, the forged 19-inch wheels designed specifically for this model. Weighing only ten pounds, they are more than three pounds lighter than the wheels of the Plus Six.

Morgan’s new headlights, featuring silver detailing, flank the horseshoe-shaped grille. A crescent-shaped wind deflector at the base of the nose provides additional airflow to the grille. Small vertical vents next to the grille provide additional cooling and air conduction.

Interior Morgan Midsummer
Interior Morgan Midsummer

Interior Morgan Midsummer

The Midsummer’s elegance is further emphasized by a longer rear end, a typical style feature of Pininfarina designs from the late 1930s and early 1940s. In the interior, the analog clocks immediately catch the eye. At a time when digital screens are the norm, handmade counters offer a soothing sight. The steering wheel is newly designed with a heart of forged aluminum. In addition, the Midsummer benefits from an optional upgraded Sennheiser audio system with new control knobs.

Hand beaten aluminum body parts

The Midsummer has more handmade parts than other Morgans, making the construction process more complex. Manufacturing the hand-beaten aluminum body parts takes more than 250 hours per car. This ensures that production of a Midsummer will take longer at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road plant, where production will begin in the third quarter of 2024.

Why the name Midsummer?

Morgan drew inspiration for the name Midsummer from two sources. On the one hand, Midsummer refers to mid-summer, the peak of the season when the weather is perfect for experiencing an open sports car. On the other hand, Midsummer has a geographical meaning: Midsummer Hill. Midsummer Hill is part of the Malvern Hills, a vast hilly landscape deeply woven into Morgan’s DNA, whose peaks offer stunning views of Pickersleigh Road, home to Morgan since 1914.

50 pieces, all already sold

Only 50 Midsummers will be built by Morgan, almost all of which have already been sold during exclusive preview sessions. Each buyer personally coordinates the details of his or her Midsummer with the Morgan designers, making each one unique. Production will begin during 2024, Morgan’s 115th anniversary year, and continue through 2025. Some Midsummers will also be seen in the Netherlands. Those who want to see the Midsummer in real life can admire the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2024.

Aerial view of a vintage white convertible, a true British-Italian beauty with red leather seats and wooden dashboard, parked on a gravel surface.

Interior Morgan Midsummer

Person driving a vintage car with a wooden dashboard and steering wheel, seen from behind, with classic British-Italian beauty.

A person wearing sunglasses sits in a white convertible with the driver's door open, exuding British-Italian beauty.

A white Morgan sports car, embodying British-Italian beauty, is parked on a gravel driveway with a man wearing sunglasses and a white shirt in the background. Green foliage is visible throughout.

A person walks quickly past a vintage white convertible parked next to a building with green shutters in a garden with trees and plants, capturing the timeless beauty reminiscent of a Morgan Midsummer scene.

A white vintage-style Morgan Midsummer convertible is parked in a gravel driveway next to a neatly kept garden with hedgerows, overlooking a lake under a partly cloudy sky.

A white Morgan Midsummer convertible is parked on a gravel driveway in front of a yellow building with green shutters that epitomizes British-Italian beauty.

A vintage white Morgan sports car, emblematic of British-Italian beauty, is parked on a gravel driveway in front of a building with green shutters and a tree.

A vintage-style white car embodying British-Italian beauty, with a wooden dashboard and red leather interior, is parked on a gravel surface, viewed from above - a perfect scene for a Morgan Midsummer.

Morgan Midsummer

A white Morgan Midsummer Plus 8 GTR roadster with red leather seats and wood accents is parked on a gravel surface as seen from a high angle. This British-Italian beauty reflects timeless elegance and classic automotive craftsmanship.

Top view of a sleek vintage-style white convertible sports car with a light brown interior, parked on a gravel surface. The license plate reads

A British-Italian beauty, a white vintage convertible, is displayed on a wide stone staircase surrounded by greenery and a partly cloudy sky, embodying the elegance of a Morgan Midsummer.

A vintage-style white car is parked on a gravel path, surrounded by green manicured hedges and potted plants, with the beauty of a picturesque water and hilly background adding to the British-Italian atmosphere.

A beautiful white Morgan sports car, embodying British-Italian beauty, is parked on a gravel driveway next to a beige building with charming green shutters.

A British-Italian beauty, the Morgan Midsummer, a vintage-style white convertible, is parked in front of an old stone building with two windows with green shutters and a statue embedded in the wall.

A British-Italian beauty, the white vintage-style Morgan Midsummer roadster is parked on a gravel driveway next to a beige plastered building with green shutters and potted plants.

A vintage white convertible is parked on a gravel driveway next to an old, beige stone building with green shutters and potted plants that exudes British-Italian beauty.

A vintage silver Morgan Midsummer sports car is parked on a gravel driveway next to a stone building with green shutters, surrounded by manicured shrubs and potted plants. The British-Italian beauty sits against a backdrop of mountains and blue sky.

Morgan Midsummer

A stylish car interior with red leather seats, wooden dashboard and modern steering wheel, reminiscent of a British-Italian blend of classic and contemporary design elements.