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Lotus chief: “We want to get to 150,000 cars a year worldwide”

September 15, 2023

Sales objective of Lotus

“Within a few years, we want to sell 150,000 cars worldwide on an annual basis. An important role will be played by the new platform on which we will build several new models. These will be rolled out one by one over the next few years,” Niels de Gruijter said.

Realize dealer network

Developing and producing models is just one step in Lotus’ future plans. The brand is also setting up a complete dealer network to boost sales of its models. On September 14, 2023 in the Netherlands, for example, the Lotus dealership in Houten was festively opened. The brand is working hard in the coming years to achieve a solid dealer network.

Finding new target audience

Lotus has another challenge, according to de Gruijter: “We have to switch to a new target group for Lotus. Lotus no longer only builds sports cars, but also family cars. It’s important that we don’t lose sight of the history in the process, where we particularly value the core values of history. That is, we are innovative and build cars as light as possible with modern and very advanced technology.”

Lotus Emeya

Future of Lotus: many models on the way

The future of Lotus is 100% electric. The Lotus Emira is the brand’s last model with a gasoline engine. Other models all get battery-electric powertrains. The Eletre – a sporty SUV – and the Emeya – a sensually lined electric GT – are just the beginning. The brand will also come out with a second SUV (presumably a size smaller than the Eletre) during 2024 and an electric sports car in 2026. All models are being developed under the Vision80 plan, working toward Lotus’ 80th birthday in 2028. Lotus produces its sports car models in the United Kingdom. Models such as the SUVs and Emeya roll off the assembly line in Wuhan, China. The plant there has an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles.