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Kawasaki on hydrogen? Yep!

November 9, 2022

Kawasaki is going green and the look extends beyond the usual green brand color. It’s about sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, the motorcycle manufacturer is setting its sights on electric motorcycles, hybrid motorcycles and even hydrogen-powered motorcycles.

Electric Kawasaki’s

It was the message Kawasaki put across at the Milan motorcycle show, EICMA 2022. President Hiroshi Ito showed a series of prototypes, some of which are already going into production in the near future. That includes the electric-powered Kawasaki Naked Z and Ninja Z (with fairing). Both have a 15 kW electric motor and a 3 kWh battery. They are intended for urban use. AND because of the power, they can also be ridden with A1 license.

Hydrogen Kawasaki

Of particular note is the study of a Kawasaki Supercharged Ninja H2 running on hydrogen. The H2’s gasoline-powered block has been transformed to hydrogen injection. Direct injection it is and the hydrogen comes from pressurized cylinders placed in the back of the side trunks. It is an experimental motorcycle developed as part of the search for future “clean” fuel types.

Hybrid Kawasaki

Hybrid drive with an electric motor and gasoline engine is quite common in passenger cars. However, this is not true in the motorcycle world. There is simply not one. But Kawasaki wants to be the first to come out with a hybrid-powered motorcycle. A preview of this engine was shown in Milan. It can also cover small distances fully electric, according to Kawasaki. In 2024, this hybrid will most likely be included in the lineup.

Update for Supercharged Ninja H2 SX

Kawasaki is introducing a radar system on its top-of-the-line SX model. This makes this Sports Tourer a technological stage. Among other things, the radar serves to control the adaptive cruise control. But a new feature is the high beam assistant, which automatically switches to low beam as soon as an oncoming car approaches.