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If money is no object: Mansory G-Class with suicide doors

November 14, 2022

Suicide doors, how did that name actually come about?

We hear you thinking, “Why are suicide doors even called suicide doors? Here’s the thing: back in the day, when the build quality of cars was not too good, these doors would sometimes fly open due to bad locks and air vortex. That way, the door would sometimes bang into a pedestrian/bicyclist, or someone would be thrown out of the car by G-forces in the curve. Car seat belts did not exist in those days. So an accident was in a small corner.

Fortunately, though, times have changed and you’ll find these suicide doors on a variety of models, from a Mazda MX-30 and RX-8 to an Opel Meriva, Toyota FJ Cruiser, BMW i3, Fiat 500 3+1 and this G-Class from Mansory.

Technical spectacle

Mansory does have to make the necessary modifications to fit a G-Class with suicide doors. The door handle must be repositioned and the hinges also require adjustment. Mansory additionally modified the locking mechanism. So all in all, quite a big job. The price tag of this option is not known.

Mansory G-Class

Mansory claims the suicide doors are very convenient, allowing passengers to get in and out at their leisure. So besides looking very cool, it also brings some comfort. The G-Class shown in the photos is one with as much as 900 horsepower. A standard Mercedes-AMG G-Class has 585 horsepower. Equally impressive is this Mansory’s torque: 1,200 Nm!