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French MEP calls for special driving license for SUVs

September 22, 2023

Roaring mastodon

Modern cars today are quite a size. The sleek, streamlined sedans of yesteryear are giving way to colossal SUVs. Electric SUVs are often so heavy that in England they worry about collapsing old parking garages. Is it really such a good idea that everyone is allowed to tear across the road with such a roaring mastodon these days?

Vision Zero

MEP Karima Belli of France does not think so. She submitted several proposals to revise driver licensing across the European Union, with the aim of contributing to the EU’s Vision Zero goal. This objective aims to drastically reduce the number of road deaths in Europe.

SUV driving license

She advocates the introduction of a special SUV driving license. This new “B+” license would only be available to experienced drivers with several years of driving experience. Under the standard B license, which allows driving cars and vans, only vehicles weighing less than 1,800 kg would be covered, meaning that virtually all SUVs would be excluded. A lot of electric sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers too, for that matter.

Medical examination

Belli would also like to introduce medical checks throughout Europe. Under her proposal, driver’s licenses would be valid for 10 years and a medical examination would be required upon renewal. Drivers over the age of 60 would have to undergo medical examinations every seven years. People over 70 and those with specific medical conditions must stop by for a checkup even earlier if they want to keep their pink pass.

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