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Car portrait: Réneau’s BMW M2

November 23, 2023

Why did you choose a BMW M2 and what cars did you own before that?

“I had fifteen cars before this. The M2 was the successor to an E36 325i, which I had converted into a track car. It was an automatic, but we replaced that transmission with a manual. Prior to that, I had a MINI Cooper S R53 as a daily car and also an E92 335i with 480 hp. With that, I had replaced the turbo. That car had a DCT gearbox. You didn’t see that very often. The E92 is where things started to get out of hand with fast cars, though. The M2 came because I saw it at the dealer in 2016, then I immediately fell in love. The release color was Long Beach Blue, as I have it now. In March 2022, I saw it on social media at a car dealership and was immediately sold. The car wasn’t even for sale yet, but I had sent a message right away if I could come see it and after a test drive made the decision to buy it.”

What have you done to your car?

“What doesn’t, actually. It started with the parts that often break. These are plastic parts, which I replaced with aluminum parts. I unfortunately experienced painfully on a previous car that this broke down when we started running more turbo pressure. I then immediately fitted a larger intercooler and mounted a complete exhaust system from TeamRPM. It didn’t stop there, however, as the catalytic converter was removed and an Eventuri carbon intake was fitted.”

“There were also software modifications and the car is stage 2. Then I started working on the exterior of the car, aiming for subtle modifications. Preferably original BMW. I mounted the rims from a BMW 1M and then bought the original carbon diffuser and spoiler from the M2CS and mounted them.”

I see under the hood a different shade of blue, is your car wrapped?

“The car has indeed been wrapped. Originally it is Long Beach Blue, but I decided to wrap it in a different shade of blue. The reason is that my father’s first car, a BMW 1602, was painted in roughly the same color. The wrap is as a kind of tribute to my father, who passed away in 2020.”

What is the best memory you have of your car?

“I have a lot of good memories with the car. I did a fairly large road trip by car, which went from the Netherlands through Belgium through France over Swiss mountain passes to Munich, where a visit to the BMW Museum could not be missed, of course. Then we drove from Germany to the Czech Republic, then through Germany back to the Netherlands. This road trip totaled 2,855 kilometers. Also, driving the car at the Nürburgring for the first time was a very special experience.”

What all are you going to do (or have done) to your car?

“I’m going to lower the car at some point, of course. I think it’s a bit too high now. I’m also going to make some engine changes, replacing internal parts like the camshafts. When I’m done with that, I want to get 480-500 hp. I think that’s about it. Oh, and there will still be a livery on it. This will be a livery inspired by the DTM, specifically BMW’s Jägermeister race cars.”

Could there ever be a successor?

“There will be a successor at some point, of course. If the budget allows it, of course. There are then two realistic possibilities that immediately pop through my head. I’m leaning towards a Porsche 718, preferably the GT4 or the GTS. I have driven them, really nice cars. In terms of handling and driving experience, the car is very similar to my M2. I also regularly look at the M3 Touring, but that is unachievable for now. Another realistic successor would be an X3 M.”

Where does your car passion come from?

“Ugh, that’s a good one. I think actually mostly from my father. Who was also a car lover, especially of BMW. That’s where I took it from. Also went to many car events and races at Circuit Zandvoort. You had Top Gear in my youth, of course, with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. I watched that a lot. Also, I did a lot of racing games like Need for Speed.”

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