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Walkaround new Hyundai KONA Electric in the Netherlands – AutoRAI TV

June 16, 2023

Sleek design Hyundai KONA

The new Hyundai KONA is destined for Europe. The crossover’s new design is especially striking. The design, of course, fits well with the IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6. So nice and modern, sleek, clean and futuristic. He is a bit wider and longer than before, though. The wheelbase grew by 60 mm. This results in 77 mm more legroom and 11 mm more headroom in the second row of seats. The shoulder room in the second row of seats is 1,402 mm. With the rear seats up, cargo space is 466 liters. With the rear seats folded down, luggage space grows to 723 liters. Spacious enough? Absolutely, as you can clearly see in the video.

Walkaround new Hyundai KONA Electric in the Netherlands – AutoRAI TV

Hyundai KONA N Line

The Hyundai KONA N Line stands out for some more aggressive styling. It has a wing-shaped bumper, dual exhaust and silver sideskirts. Additional options include a black roof and 19-inch N Line alloy wheels. Inside, the N Line is equipped with aluminum pedals and a gearshift (TGS) of the high-performance label N.

Interior Hyundai KONA

All driver controls, including the electric shift-by-wire transmission lever, are placed around the steering wheel, resulting in an open and sleek console structure with swivel cup holders and even more space for personal items.

The KONA has two 12.3-displays in the interior, with the right screen being a touchscreen. The car also has ambient lighting, optional front reclining seats and a Curve-less Bench Seat – a “seat without curves. The infotainment system is capable of over-the-air updates. That in turn saves dealer visits.

Hyundai KONA Electric 2023

360-degree camera

Thanks to a Surround View Monitor (SVM), the driver has 360-degree visibility around the car during parking and coasting. With the Digital Key 2 Touch, the KONA can be locked and unlocked via a smartphone or smartwatch. The system uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Hyundai Kona prices

KONA Mild-hybrid: 29,995 euros

The manual transmission KONA Mild-Hybrid is powered by a 120 hp (88 kW) 1.0-liter T-GDI gasoline engine with 48-volt mild hybrid technology. The mild hybrid powertrain allows the engine to kick in faster and smoother in slow-moving and stationary traffic.

KONA Hybrid: 33,995 euros

The KONA Hybrid’s powertrain consists of a 1.6-liter GDI gasoline engine, a 32 kW electric motor and a lithium-ion polymer battery. System power comes out to 144 hp and 256 Nm of torque.

KONA Electric: price not yet known

The KONA Mild-Hybrid and KONA Hybrid are coming to the Netherlands this summer. The KONA Electric will have to wait until the end of 2023. That only makes it more interesting to be able to introduce the car to you now, even though we don’t have a starting price yet. We are betting on a starting price from around 39,995 euros.

Hyundai KONA Electric

Two batteries

Buyers of a new Hyundai KONA Electric can choose from a 48.4 kWh or 65.4 kWh battery. The smaller battery is good for about 350 kilometers of range (WLTP). The larger battery will even reach 500 kilometers on paper. Hyundai combines the smaller battery with a 114.6 kW electric motor. The larger battery pack has a 160 kW electric motor. Both electric motors have 255 Nm of torque. Charging the battery via a fast charger from 10 to 80 percent takes about 41 minutes, only we don’t know exactly with what charging power. More information on this component will be announced by Hyundai at a later date. Preconditioning of the battery ensures safe charging and optimal range in winter.

Features of the KONA Electric include:


Furthermore, the Hyundai KONA Electric has an i-PEDAL to enable so-called one-pedal driving. You accelerate and brake in that case using only the accelerator pedal. In this process, the Smart Regenerative System automatically adjusts the degree of regenerative braking based on information obtained from the traffic flow in front of the car. Like the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6, the new KONA Electric has a Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) function for charging electrical devices, such as a laptop or electric bike. This V2L function has a maximum output of 3.6 kW.

To provide a bit more onboard experience, this car also has Electronic-Active Sound Design (e-ASD)/ The volume of virtual sound inside the Hyundai KONA Electric depends on driving speed, torque, electric motor and acceleration. In addition to the sound volume, the driver can also adjust the sound type in the cabin.

The Head-Up Display is a 12-inch large projection screen that projects key driving information, such as vehicle speed and speed limit, right into the driver’s field of vision.

Dimensions of new Hyundai KONA

KONA Electric KONA Mild-Hybrid / Hybrid
Length 4,355 mm (N Line: 4,385 mm) 4,350 mm (N Line: 4,385 mm)
Width 1,825 mm 1,825 mm
Height 1,575 mm (17-/19-inch wheels) 1,570 (16-inch wheels) 1,580 mm (17-/18-inch wheels) 1,585 (19-inch wheels)
Wheelbase 2,660 mm 2,660 mm

Driver assistance systems

Driving assistance systems abound. Think 360-degree camera system, blind spot monitoring, parking assist, collision prevention system with cross traffic recognition, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, speed sign recognition, fatigue recognition and high beam assist. Almost too many to mention. Want to know more? Then be sure to check out our extensive walkaround video of the Hyundai KONA Electric.

Walkaround new Hyundai KONA Electric in the Netherlands – AutoRAI TV