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US state of Wyoming would rather see EVs disappear, oil and gas industry more important

January 17, 2023

Oil and gas industry

Wyoming has invested heavily in the oil and gas industry in recent years. That has resulted in plenty of jobs, but with the rise of EVs, fewer and fewer people are driving gasoline-powered cars. And that cannot be the intention.

Resolution presented

So on Friday, Jan. 13, Wyoming presented a resolution entitled “SJ0004 – Phasing out new electric vehicle sales by 2035. Freely translated, ‘Phasing out new electric vehicle sales by 2035′. With this, the U.S. state is attempting to limit new electric vehicle sales as much as possible. Curiously, the resolution is already receiving support from members of the Wyoming House of Representatives and Senate.

Economic gain more important than sustainability

Whether the ban on EVs will also succeed is highly doubtful. About 500,000 people live in Wyoming. This makes it one of the least populated states in the United States. But when it comes to oil production, Wyoming ranks eighth. Economic gain and employment are more important than switching to electric propulsion, according to the state.

In California, it’s quite the opposite: there, local government is investing heavily in renewable energy and solid charging infrastructure. Indeed, the sale of new cars with gasoline engines will be banned there from 2035. Now the question is: which is the better choice?