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U.S. insurer: Tesla owners most dangerous drivers at stoplight

December 5, 2022

Great responsibility

An electric motor is nice and powerful and can also deliver all its power instantly. As a result, you can easily outrun your neighbor’s sports car in a stoplight sprint with a household EV. Especially in the first few meters, with an EV, you can outrun almost everyone. If you choose an extra peppery EV – such as the 600-hp Tesla Model Y Performance “family SUV” we recently put to the test – then you really are always ahead of everyone. But as Spider-Man once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” In other words, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Not everyone can handle the responsibility of a lot of assets, according to a survey by U.S. insurance company


According to the insurer, Tesla drivers score worse than 98% of all drivers when it comes to acceleration safety. In short, they like to push the gas pedal to the bottom when the light turns green. We are not surprised by this, since Tesla makes it extra attractive thanks to special driving modes, which allow you to accelerate extra fast. Think “Insane,” “Ludicrous,” and “Plaid” modes, allowing even your grandmother to leave a Ferrari gathering dust at the stoplight. According to the survey, only Aston Martin and Maserati owners pull up even more clumsily at stoplights.

No speeding

Tesla drivers, however, do not appear to be speeders. According to the study, Tesla owners drive slower on average than drivers of other cars. Once they reach (very quickly) the speed limit, they quickly get off the gas. Moreover, according to the study, they are on their smartphones less while driving. So good going, those Tesla owners. Although you might wonder if the gigantic 15-inch infotainment screen doesn’t also count as a large smartphone.

62,000 respondents

For the study, the insurance company examined data from 10 million trips made by 62,000 drivers in cars of 52 different makes. Thus, the study included more than 30,000 trips by 228 Tesla drivers. You can see just how bizarrely fast the Tesla Model Y Performance is in the video below.