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Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V: pickup now also with 48-volt hybrid system

December 4, 2023

Only as Toyota Hilux Double Cab

Available exclusively as a Double Cab, the Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V makes a powerful impression. Under the hood is a 2.8-liter diesel engine, mated to a hybrid 48V system. The turbo-diesel engine drives a compact electric motor-generator via a belt. That, in turn, charges the new 48-volt lithium battery. The battery weighs 7.6 kilograms and is small enough for a spot under the back seat. Thus, the impact on interior space is minimal. The battery also powers the Hilux’s 12-volt system via a new DC/DC converter.

Energy recovery

Like Toyota’s other hybrid powertrains, the Hilux Hybrid 48V powertrain recharges the battery during braking. The system recovers braking energy that would otherwise be lost and also provides additional braking power. The battery powers the electric motor-generator, which delivers up to 12 kW (16 hp) of power and 65 Nm of torque.

Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V

Diesel engine specifications

The 2.8-liter, 16-valve diesel engine meets the Euro 6d emissions standard and, combined with the electric motor-generator, delivers 150 kW (204 hp) of power at 3,400 rpm. Torque is 500 Nm at 1,600-2,800 rpm. The diesel engine is equipped with common-rail fuel injection, a variable turbocharger and a water-cooled intercooler. To reduce emissions, the model has a diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalyst, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst and the addition of urea.

“The Hilux Hybrid 48V’s improved stop-start system allows the engine to remain off for longer periods of time, which, combined with the benefits of the hybrid system, reduces fuel consumption by up to 5% compared to the conventional, non-electrified diesel engine,” Toyota promises.

Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V

Water resistance

Toyota has paid special attention to the Hilux Hybrid 48V’s water resistance. The car can drive through 700 mm deep water because the 48-volt battery and DC/DC converter are completely waterproof, and the pulley and belt of the electric motor-generator have been reinforced and equipped with new anti-slip features.

Dimensions and weights

The Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V is 5,325 mm long, 1,900 mm wide and 1,815 mm high. The cargo floor length is 1,525 mm. The payload is 1,000 kilograms and the braked towing weight of the model is 3,500 kilograms. The ground clearance is 310 mm, and the model further has approach and departure angles of 29 and 26 degrees, respectively.

Toyota Smart Connect

The Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V is equipped with the latest Toyota Smart Connect system, featuring 8-inch display, cloud-based navigation with up-to-date traffic information and interactive voice assistant for hands-free cell phone operation, multimedia, air conditioning, power side windows and ambient interior lighting. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are available wirelessly.

Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V

Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V

Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V