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This Ferrari 512 BBi has more power than a new Huracán

January 10, 2023

Ferrari 512 BB

At the 1976 Frankfurt Motor Show, Ferrari presented the 512 Berlinetta Boxer (BB). It was the successor to the 365 GT4 BB. Ferrari’s with the letters “BB” in their model name were actually a little strange cars for the Italians. The reason is the location of the engine block in the car.

This is because the engine is located behind the front seats, right in the middle of the car, instead of at the front of the nose. Now quite normal for street cars, not back then. Boss of the brand, Enzo Ferrari, initially did not like such a layout either. Mid-engine cars would be far too difficult for customers to drive, he felt. Ferrari engineers tried for years to convince their boss of the benefits of a mid-engine, but without success. Until the moment Ferrari started losing to competitors who did use a mid-engine. Then Enzo had to change his mind.

Ferrari 512 BBi

This example is a Ferrari 512 BBi, a further development of the 512 BB. The “i” in the name owes it to the injection system that replaced the carburetors of the twelve-cylinder from the predecessor. The capacity was also increased from 4.4 liters to 4.9 liters. Resulting in 340 horsepower at the rear wheels.


Ferrari 512 BBi Koenig Special

Back to this one. This Ferrari was tackled by Koenig, a tuner who caused a furor in the 1980s with extremely wide body kits and extra power. The 512 BBi also underwent a power cure in which the standard 340 hp rose to 450 hp. But the tuning didn’t stop here… Optionally, additional power could be chosen. Therefore, a twin-turbo racing setup was also bolted onto the engine. Final power output comes to 650 hp. That’s more than a new Lamborghini Huracán! All that paired with a dogleg five-speed manual transmission. Yummy!


Koenig bodykit

The car was also (compared to other Koenig creations) subtly widened with a body kit. Not just for show, as the kit accommodates additional air ducts to cool the brakes and engine, among other things. At the rear, we find an integrated spoiler that should provide additional downforce. The tuning, body kit and all the other modifications, such as the smaller side mirrors and magnesium wheels, for example, make this 512 BBi Koenig do a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. Do not stop accelerating until the Ferrari reaches 330 km/h. The beige leather interior was left alone by Koenig.





The good news is that you can become the new owner of this fine piece of ’80s tuning. Cheap it is not, because you have to take 300,000 euros to Kaeve Cars in Uden to be allowed to put it in your name. On the other hand: three tons may seem like a lot, but compared to the 2 million F40 – which, by the way, is slower – this 512 BBi is a bargain. Moreover, this 512 BBi Koenig is rarer too, as only fifty of these creations were built. Also, Koenig now no longer exists. Still too expensive? Then you can always pick up this ripping iron for a fraction of the amount.