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The new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric: all the details!

September 4, 2023

CMF-EV platform

The new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric is built on the CMF-EV platform. This platform was developed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. So all brands within that alliance use it. For Renault, the Scenic E-Tech electric is a crucial car in the brand’s future plans. “As the first production car, it embodies Renault Group’s commitment to becoming a car manufacturer of the next generation, based on three pillars: the environment, safety and inclusion,” the brand stated.

From MPV to crossover

The first generation Renault Scenic appeared about thirty years ago, in 1996. Back then it was the Renault Mégane Scénic, a compact MPV. That is different now. The new Scenic is what you would call a C-segment crossover. As consumers, of course, specifications are incredibly important. So let’s start sharing specifications of the new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric.

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric: variants

Standard range

High range

Dimensions and weight

Two battery packs

So, as you have read, two engine variants appear on the market. Each motor variant has its own battery. The base version has a range of 420 kilometers according to the WLTP test standard, where the top model with 220 hp electric motor can drive 620 kilometers on paper.

These batteries are optimized in every detail. Thus, they not only fit perfectly into the CMF-EV platform, but also deliver excellent performance. The 87 kWh version consists of 12 modules of 16 cells each, divided into two layers. The 60 kWh version consists of 12 modules with 24 cells each, also divided into two layers. The modules in these batteries can be easily replaced and repaired separately.

The battery has a 6% higher energy density than that in the Megane E-Tech electric. LG’s lithium-ion NMC (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt) batteries were chosen, which contain more nickel and less cobalt. Braking energy is stored in the battery and then utilized to heat the passenger compartment via a heat pump, standard in all versions of the Scenic E-Tech electric.

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Fast charging

The battery technology of the Scenic E-Tech electric guarantees short charging times. For example, it offers a 22 kW 3-phase AC on-board charger and is capable of DC fast charging up to 130 kW. Based on Google Maps, the system automatically ensures that the battery is in optimal condition as soon as you approach the charging point selected in the app. If the battery is at ideal temperature when it arrives, it can be charged faster and more efficiently.

Lowering the optimal temperature of the battery to 25 degrees Celsius and adjusting the chemical composition of the battery gives the Scenic E-Tech electric optimal charging performance. From now on, the system shows an improved loading curve and a longer “plateau. In practice, this means that a charging stop of just 30 minutes puts enough energy into the battery for 2 hours of highway mileage. This does require a DC fast charger along the highway (equivalent of about 50 kWh at a charging rate of 150 kW).

Logo Renault

Four levels of regenerative braking

The Scenic E-Tech electric offers four levels of regenerative braking. In Drive mode, the car begins regenerative braking as soon as you take your foot off the power pedal. The electric motor then acts directly as a generator and converts motion energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery.

Depending on personal preferences and the route chosen, you can select the desired regeneration level using two paddles behind the steering wheel. These range from level 0 (no regeneration: the car continues to roll without additional resistance when accelerating, as desired on the highway), to level 3 (maximum regeneration, ideal for city traffic) where the braking action of the generator is so powerful that you hardly need to use the conventional brakes in city traffic. In other words, every time the power pedal is released, you gain energy back. This allows the range of the Scenic E-Tech electric to be optimized.

Renault Scenic e-tech Electric rear end

Wheelbase and short overhangs

If we look at the dimensions, we notice that at 4.47 meters long, this Renault has still remained quite compact. The wheelbase of 2.78 meters is 10 centimeters longer than that of the Megane E-Tech electric. The car also has very short front and rear overhangs and the wheels are placed at the extreme corners of the body. The flat floor allows for large 19- and 20-inch wheels. Rear passengers have as much leg and headroom as in the best C-segment family cars.

Glass Solarbay panoramic roof

The new Scenic is equipped with a Solarbay panoramic glass roof developed in collaboration with glassmaker Saint-Gobain. Thanks to AmpliSky technology, there is no need for a conventional sunshade to darken the glass: using electric fields, molecules move through the glass, protecting the entire glass surface (or parts) from the sun and darkening it within seconds. Renault is the first mass-market automaker to use this roof with the partial blackout feature.

Solarbay glass panoramic roof

Choice of four settings

The driver and passengers can choose from four settings: completely light, completely opaque, light at the front and opaque at the rear, and vice versa. And it is more practical than a standard shutter. For example, the passengers in the back can decide to make the roof in their space lighter or more opaque, regardless of what those in front want. And they can all effortlessly control Solarbay by voice using Google Assistant, or set it with a button at the ceiling light. The segment-by-segment animation impresses passengers.

Lighter and therefore more durable

In addition to keeping the indoor temperature significantly more comfortable and offering the choice of how much light comes in, Solarbay’s panoramic glass roof has a smaller carbon footprint than a standard powered skylight. Thus, it is 6 to 8 kilograms lighter because it does not use rails, upholstery or a motor, thus helping to reduce energy consumption. Since about 50% of all glass is primary raw materials and the rest is waste from flat glass and auto glass production, and its weight and height have been optimized, this roof was designed to be more circular and thus more sustainable. Its unique design makes it easy to repair and all parts can be replaced separately. Moreover, at the end of its life, more than 90% of the glass can be recycled.

Front of Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Six body colors

Renault supplies the Scenic E-Tech electric with a choice of six body colors: rouge flamme, bleu nocturne, noir étoilé, gris schiste metallic and blanc glacier. The sixth color – gris schiste satin – is exclusive to the Esprit Alpine. Depending on the version, for an even more personal touch, a two-tone finish is also possible, with the roof and roof pillars finished in noir étoilé or gris schiste metallic combined with another body color.

The sustainable edge

The new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric paves the way, with up to 24% of its mass coming from recycling streams, including several closed-loops where residues are converted into new parts from the same material.

The metal components of the Scenic E-Tech electric, such as the platform, body, axles and parts of the chassis, consist of an average of 37% recycled material. The hood and doors are made of up to 80% recycled aluminum. The aluminum is processed in a closed-loop process. For example, scraps are sorted and compressed during cutting operations and then made into new parts at the factory.

6 sustainable features of the new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

  1. The dashboard’s materials consist of up to 80% recycled material (polypropylene derived from industrial waste). The dashboard finish is 43% bio-based (kenaf, a plant that produces a fiber similar to jute).
  2. 51% of the steering wheel upholstery is bio-based: 25% is PVC made from castor oil, 26% is cotton weft.
  3. The dashboard is made of 26% recycled plastic, steel and other materials (both visible and non-visible).
  4. The storage compartments in the door panels consist of 45% recycled fibers.
  5. The floor mats consist of 54% recycled plastic bottles.
  6. The seat covers in the Techno and Esprit Alpine versions are made of 100% recycled fabric, and in the Iconic version 87%. The Esprit Alpine uses fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (80%) and seat belts (20%).

This closed-loop recycling helps to reduce CO2 emissions during car production and make the supply of materials more reliable. In addition, the use of aluminum reduces weight, which is beneficial for efficiency.

Leather? Unfortunately peanut butter

In keeping with the more sustainable nature of the new Scenic E-Tech electric, this model is also completely leather-free. The steering wheel is covered with a coated fabric with certain texture that feels like leather, but without the use of animal material. Recycled fibers are used for the chair upholstery. These materials have a smaller environmental footprint and offer comparable quality, feel and comfort to genuine leather. Renault confirms that the use of leather will be completely phased out by 2025.

Logo Scenic

Recycled glass

Recycling continues. In fact, Renault also uses recycled glass in the new Scenic E-Tech electric. Thus, the Solarbay blackout glass roof, developed in cooperation with Saint-Gobain, also finds its way into the Scenic E-Tech electric. Of the glass in the roof, only 50% is made from primary raw materials. The rest is made from waste from flat glass and auto glass production processes.

Interior of new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

The many clever storage compartments in this family car add up to 38.7 liters. Storage areas include the glove box (4 liters), door pockets (13.6 liters), a large, open storage area on the center console (6.6 liters) with two large cup holders (2 liters) and a compartment under the armrest (3.4 liters) for keys and other items. This center armrest slides 70 millimeters forward and backward, making it extra comfortable for the driver and front passenger. There is also plenty of storage space under the central display, including an induction charger for smartphones. Storage pockets behind the front seats (2.4 liters each) offer convenient space for magazines or electronic devices, such as a tablet or smartphone, for example.

Striking armrest backing

The new rear armrest also stands out. This one has two rotating arms at each of the passengers. Furthermore, it is designed to stay connected and for the multimedia devices that make life on board even more enjoyable. This high-tech armrest has two USB C ports, a storage compartment (3.6 liters) for tablets and smartphones, cup holders and two fold-out screen stands. There is also a ski hatch to carry long items without having to fold down the rear seat.

Real wood!

In the Iconic version, lime wood panels adorn the dashboard and door panels. It gives the interior a cozy, stylish look. The wood is FSC certified, indicating that it comes from sustainably managed forests.


OpenR Link multimedia system

The Renault Scenic E-Tech electric also features the OpenR Link multimedia system with built-in software from Google, running on Android Automotive OS 12. More than fifty apps are available through Google Play – ranging from music quizzes, family games and travel planning – to make the most of time in the car. The system is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and works via a cable connection or as a wireless system. Software updates take place over-the-air.

The OpenR digital cockpit immediately catches the eye thanks to its two side-by-side L-shaped displays: a 12.3-inch horizontal TFT screen in front of the instrument cluster and a 12-inch screen in the center of the dashboard.

Safety systems

The Renault Scenic E-Tech electric has several safety technologies. Think adaptive cruise control, a collision prevention system with recognition of cyclists and pedestrians, a lane assistant, blind spot monitoring, speed sign recognition but also systems like QRescue Renault, SD Switch and Fireman Access.

Market launch Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Assembly takes place at the Douai plant (ElectriCity). Market launch is scheduled for early 2024.

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Renault Scenic e-tech Electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech electric