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Substantial investment in road safety

March 9, 2023

500 million euros

500 million euros have been made available by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management through the Road Safety Investment Impulse until 2030 to improve road safety. Whereas 165 million euros were already distributed in the first round of the Road Safety Investment Incentive in 2020, 75 million euros have now been distributed in the second round. On top of this, the applicants make their own financial contribution. The applicants have until December 2027 to implement the plans.

Extra invested

In 2020, 207 applications were submitted in the first round for constructing road narrowing, speed bumps and separate bike lanes and widening bike lanes, among other things. During the second round of applications, 264 municipalities, provinces and water boards received government funding. This is 57 more applications than in the first round. In the first and second rounds combined, 84% of the total road authorities have already invested extra in road safety.

Improve as many traffic situations as possible

Minister Harbers: “It is important to use these resources to improve as many traffic situations as possible. Almost everyone knows a bicycle path that is just too close to the lane or an intersection that would be better to be a traffic circle. Through these investments, 180 school zones, 418 speed bumps, 28 pedestrian crossings and 45 traffic circles, among other things, are being constructed that significantly improve traffic safety for road users. Cooperation is crucial here. Great to see that so many municipalities and other co-governments have already applied!”

Third round of applications

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will shape the third round of applications based on the experiences and results from the first and second rounds of applications. Together with its partners, the ministry remains committed to increasing the number of governments using the scheme, so that together we can further improve road safety in the Netherlands.