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Sprinklers? With these temperatures?!

July 19, 2022


Several municipalities in the Netherlands have reported that they are sending gritters on the road today and tomorrow. Not to spread salt against slipperiness, but to protect the asphalt from the heat.

Only in crowded areas

The spreading of salt is done only in places where traffic often slows down or accelerates. Sprinklers are also used in areas with heavy traffic, such as business parks. So it is not the case that entire roads are coated with brine.

But why then?

The spreading of salt reduces the rate at which the asphalt heats up due to the extreme heat and therefore eventually melts. So in places like traffic circles and intersections, where tires cause more friction and thus where the temperature rises more, gritting is chosen. Salt extracts moisture from the air and the asphalt. The air and asphalt then cool down, making the asphalt less sticky.

So a preventive measure to prevent traffic from breaking the asphalt. Melting asphalt also damages car tires because it sticks, and the loose pebbles from the damaged asphalt can land on your tailgater’s windshield.

The Department of Public Works informs us that it is not necessary to dust the highways.