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Spotted: an early SsangYong Korando

December 2, 2022

SsangYong enjoyed modest success in our country at one point, but since the introduction of the bpm, sales have collapsed nicely. With even the once popular models beginning to age, a SsangYong is almost by definition a curiosity in Dutch traffic. So when we came across this early SsangYong Korando in Nijmegen the other day, we couldn’t resist taking a moment to capture it.

Early SsangYong Korando

You still see these Korandos from time to time, but the model is noticeably starting to disappear from the street scene. In fact, if you see one at all, it is always the facelift model. This example is from 1997, so it is precisely an early one of this second-generation SsangYong Korando. Second yes, because the first generation Korando was a license-built Jeep CJ-5. That one was never delivered here.

There is something special

Even apart from its relative rarity, there is something special about this SsangYong Korando. In fact, this one has a limited speed limit, making it a so-called MMBS (Limited Speed Motor Vehicle) by law. In exchange for the lower speed limit, a number of obligations such as road tax and MOT will be dropped, and a T license will be sufficient to drive it. By the way, since 2021 it is no longer allowed to convert an “ordinary” vehicle such as a car into an MMBS.

Even more special than the MMBS status, is the license plate that is on the SsangYong. After all, an MMBS only had to have an insurance plate. There is a “full” GV license plate on this Korando.

What is the GV license plate?

The GV license plate is a license plate for vehicles that are not subject to registration in the Netherlands, but which regularly cross the border to foreign countries, where they are required to have a license plate. The letters GV therefore stand for “Border Traffic. In practice, you find the GV license plate mostly on agricultural vehicles. The last GV license plate series had the format 123-GV-4, so the SsangYong has had its GV license plate for a while. Since when exactly can’t be determined with the public RDW data.

Also in 2021, the GV license plate expired as tractors and the like also became subject to registration. So why the SsangYong Korando still has a GV license plate? Because already issued GV license plates do remain valid, only no new ones will be issued. The only condition for keeping the GV license plate, however, is that the vehicle be registered with the RDW within the transition period (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2021). Anyone who wants to register a vehicle with GV license plates after that will have to retest that vehicle and then get a brand new agricultural license plate (T license plate).

For the true license plate enthusiast, it is also only since the recent registration requirement for agricultural vehicles that GV license plates can be found in the public RDW database. Before then, GV license plates, like diplomatic and military license plates, were not traceable by private individuals.

How good is your license plate knowledge?

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