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Spotted: all model generations BMW 5 Series in a row

August 4, 2023

Production of the new generation BMW 5 Series (the G60) began late last month. attended and was given a tour of the plant. With the production launch comes an official talk, of course. A nice surprise was that at that presentation all previous model generations of the 5 Series were present. Each model was briefly introduced again, then the cars were lined up nicely. The rich history of the model in a nutshell. The factory hall in which the cars were displayed is not ideal for photography in terms of lighting, but it still turned out pretty good photos.

BMW 5 Series E12 (1972-1981)

The model that started it all. Then we are talking about both the 5 Series in general and BMW’s production here at the Dingolfing plant. The very first one was a BMW 520i in the color Tangerine. Present today is a slightly later example, a BMW 518 of facelift model year 1976. Also beautiful.

BMW 5 Series E28 (1981-1988)

In 1981 it was time for redemption, in the form of generation E28, which was mostly an evolution of the first model. Present at the presentation is a BMW 524td, with that particular version making it of model year 1983.

BMW 5 Series E34 (1988-1996)

In 1988, the 5 Series E34 took a clear step forward not only as a model, but also in terms of design. The 5 Series was completely redesigned, yet instantly recognizable as the “middle model” from BMW’s sedan lineup. Here you see a 1993 model year BMW 540i. Nice bonus: the passenger is a factory employee who has been there from the beginning. So he has participated in the production of every model generation of the 5 Series.

BMW 5 Series E39 (1995-2004)

Yours truly’s personal favorite appeared in 1995: the 5 Series E39. Personally, I still think it is the most beautiful model made by BMW. Present today is a 1998 model year BMW M5.

BMW 5 Series E60 (2003-2010)

BMW also has the sporty M5 version of its radically redesigned successor ready today, model year 2004. Also during this period with Chris Bangle in charge of the design department, BMW made models with “controversial” design. Personally, I have always found the 5 Series E60 to be a very beautiful model. In fact, after the E39, this is my favorite generation of 5 Series.

BMW 5 Series F10 (2010-2017)

For the 2010 5 Series F10, BMW nevertheless opted again for a preserved, conventional design. Despite the very different design direction, the result is once again successful. The 5 Series also took another step forward in other areas, resulting in sales successes. Also representing this model generation is the sporty BMW M5, model year 2012.

BMW 5 Series G30 (2017-2023)

The outgoing model 5 Series, here from facelift model year 2020 and with M Sport package. For model generation G30, BMW once again opted for an evolution of the previous model. Never change a winning team, BMW must have thought.

BMW 5 Series G60 (2023-present)

The new 5 Series, generation G60, is again markedly different from its predecessor. BMW opts for a somewhat more pronounced design, although they do not go as far as in the BMW 7 Series or other models with large grilles. Perhaps the biggest news is that, for the first time, the 5 Series has an all-electric variant: the BMW i5. You can read more about the new generation 5 Series here. Present at the launch event are mostly specimens of the BMW i5, here as M60 xDrive.