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Significantly more new cars sold in Belgium than in the Netherlands

January 5, 2024

Big difference

Belgium has a population of 11.59 million, which is about 6 million fewer people than live in the Netherlands. Still, over 100,000 more new cars were sold in Belgium than in our country in 2023. In Belgium, 476,675 new cars left the showroom in 2023. In our country, 369,791 new passenger cars were officially registered last year. A significant contrast, especially considering 2023 is considered a peak year for car sales in the Netherlands. In Belgium, 2023 was a moderate year in terms of car sales. In 2019 (pre-corona), 550,000 more cars went on white/red license plates

The best-selling brands

The list of the most popular brands also looks very different in Belgium. In the Netherlands, Volkswagen ranks first, followed by Kia, Toyota, BMW and Skoda. In Belgium, mainly German premium brands are in the top five:

Top 5 best-selling brands Belgium 2023

1. BMW (50,579 registrations)
2. VW (45,272 registrations)
3. Audi (35,396 registrations)
4. Mercedes (35,263 registrations
5. Peugeot (29,348 registrations)

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