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Vehicult: all-in-one app for the car enthusiast

May 5, 2024

As a car enthusiast, you probably enjoy visiting car events as well. It can just be quite a challenge to stay up to date on fun events. Certainly small-scale, local events are sometimes only on a roadside banner, in the local weekend paper, or on a Facebook page that you just have to stumble across. So it sometimes happens that on Monday you come across photos of events that had taken place on Sunday … but which you had thus missed. If only there were one central place to find all the events … well, there is now: the Vehicult app.

Vehicult is the work of Martijn Bakker, in his own words “a software developer with a heart for cars.” With an ’87 Ford Sierra and an ’87 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe as a fleet of cars, we won’t argue with that. He ran into the problem described above. There was no such online gathering place yet, so he built it himself.

Vehicult: everything in one place.

After more than 2,500 hours(!) of development work, the app Vehicult is now ready. As a user, you create an interest profile with vehicle types, classes, outcomes and ages. Based on that, you will see a list of all the events that match it. From large events like the EMWalhalla (the next edition is next May 11, by the way) to local gatherings like American Day Wernhout (next edition May 19). The focus is on Dutch events, but it does include some events in neighboring countries. It’s just what the users themselves add.

Vehicult: more than just an event listing

By the way, the app offers much more than just a listing of upcoming events. Thus, the app can also be used to find specialists. Again, from well-known companies to that one retiree with a small remote workshop who has golden hands for anything with chrome. Fun routes for your motorcycle or vintage car? These are also plentiful in the app. Similarly, the app Vehicult also features museums and clubs. Even car documentation has its own section in the app.

You can also share your own fleet and discover what interesting vehicles other Vehicult users have. The app has only been up for a short time and already more than 850 vehicles have been added. Also based on your “garage,” the app determines which events (or specialists, clubs, etc.) might be of interest to you. The latest addition to the app is a forum, where people can, for example, share their spots, submit a technical issue or post merchandise.

Vehicult: free download

A nice bonus: because the app Vehicult is a sort of hobby project that got out of hand, the app is also completely free to use. This applies to all functions incorporated in it. It is truly an app for AND by the enthusiast. You can download here for Android phones and here for Apple devices. The app is available in Dutch, English, German and French (built-in language setting).

Community of great importance to Vehicult

The app really only has one side note: Vehicult hinges on the community of app users. After all, there will have to be someone to add the events, specialists, etc. to the app. Only then will its full potential be realized and only then will Vehicult truly become one place where you can find everything. So do you know of a fun, upcoming event that is not yet in the app? Or that one specialist who is not yet as well known as he should be? Download Vehicult and add them!

For completeness: no, this article is not sponsored. We’re just genuinely excited.