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300 Dutch license plate holders responsible for 25,000 traffic violations

May 6, 2024

25,000 violations

In recent years, 50 or more traffic violations were recorded annually on nearly 300 license plates, data collected by the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) show. Whether these offenses were committed by the same individuals each time, CJIB cannot confirm.

The 300 license plate holders with more than 50 fines add up to about 25,000 violations a year. Most of these involved speeding tickets. The total number of violations in 2023 was nearly 8.5 million, of which more than 4.5 million violations were committed by 3 million license plate holders with 1 to 4 fines. More than 30,000 license plate holders had 10 or more violations to their names.

No serious consequences

The CJIB issues fines for traffic violations, also known as Mulder fines. This is done under the Traffic Administrative Enforcement Act (Wahv). This law penalizes license plate violations. For example, if you are speeding and get flashed, you will get such a fine. These fines are administrative and not as severe as criminal fines for serious offenses. In the Netherlands, for example, you can commit 50 traffic violations a year without serious consequences. An expensive joke it is.