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Review – Peugeot e-208 (2024) – Soon to be a crowd pleaser again?

November 28, 2023

Sell Knocker

It’s no secret: in the Netherlands, we lead the way in electric driving. Not surprisingly, the electric 208 – the e-208 – scores so well here. But it is also a popular model outside the country. By 2022, the e-208 was the best-selling EV in its segment in Europe. Therefore, with sales of 1 million units since its introduction in 2019, you would think the Peugeot 208 would not need an update. But the competition is eager to knock the Frenchman off his throne. To avoid that, Peugeot is launching a revamped 208.

Same powertrain

Technically, few updates have been made on the e-208. Indeed, last year the French already addressed some issues under the skin. Since then, you can choose from two powertrains. We list the most important specifications below:

Drivetrain 1:

Drivetrain 2:

During our first encounter with the updated model, we drive the most powerful powertrain. While 156 hp may sound modest for an EV, it is more than adequate for a compact hatchback. Overtaking someone smoothly is a piece of cake and at the stoplight you leave many gasoline cars behind you. If so, do put the car in Sport mode. Only then will you have all 156 horses at your disposal. In Normal and Eco modes, the engine is throttled (considerably).

Surprisingly agile

When cornering, the Peugeot e-208 proves surprisingly agile. With its relatively low position and the battery incorporated into the bottom, the model maintains stability and maneuvers effortlessly through turns. The considerable weight – it is still an electric car – contributes to a directional handling, allowing the e-208 to steer neatly through any curve. The compact steering wheel – about which more later – automatically whets your appetite for a sportier driving style than you might usually consider.

New nose

The exterior of the updated 208 features subtle but stylish changes. The wider grille with striking colored bars, new claw-like daytime running lights as a nod to Peugeot’s lion and the new logo on the grille give the car a fresh face. The rear is slightly modified, with horizontal LED stripes in the taillights and a stylized “e” in the C-pillar for the electric variant. The Peugeot logo disappeared at the back, giving way to a written-out brand name.

Comfort and luxury

Inside, the changes are modest but thoughtful. The Peugeot logo on the steering wheel, enlarged 10-inch instrument cluster and standard 10-inch infotainment screen enhance the already high-quality interior experience. The new infotainment system, wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the option of alcantara upholstery for the GT variant add to the comfort and luxury.


Of course, there is the i-Cockpit, which consists of a compact steering wheel, with the instrument cluster above it. An impressive sight, but not for everyone. Short or very tall persons run the risk of looking up against the steering edge. Therefore, walk into a Peugeot dealer and take a test drive before you decide to purchase a 208 – or any other Peugeot model.


The updated Peugeot 208 comes from 24,050 euros. This is the regular gasoline variant, with 75 hp and a manual transmission. For the electric 208, Peugeot is asking considerably more money: a minimum of 35,320 euros (50 kWh, 136 hp). For the version with the larger battery pack and more horsepower, you have to pay a minimum of 37,320 euros. In the video below, we tell you more about the updated Peugeot e-208.