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Review – Mazda 2 Hybrid (2022)

August 16, 2022

Two times Mazda 2

It may be a bit confusing, but Mazda currently offers two completely different Mazda 2s. Both are compact B-segmenters but where one rolls out of the factory as a full gasoline version or as Mazda’s SkyActive mild hybrid technology, the other is sourced from – you guessed it – Toyota and therefore features a full hybrid drivetrain.



Proven technology

With only the MX-30 in the showroom, Mazda doesn’t have very many resources to bring down the average fleet emissions as a company. If you as a car manufacturer do not meet certain standards, high environmental fines are in store for you. So it was quick to shift gears for Mazda and found the solution in the hybrid Toyota Yaris. This action of Mazda is not very strange, since Toyota’s technology has proven itself over and over again and furthermore Mazda is spared enormous research costs. By the way, Mazda doesn’t go to a lot of trouble to disguise the fact that it’s not a Yaris. It does not go beyond other logos and a type designation.

Mazda 2 Hybrid logo

Mazda 2 Hybrid performance

First, some numbers from the Mazda 2 Hybrid, which you may already know from the Yaris Hybrid. Indeed, under the hood lies the same drivetrain: a 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor provide a combined output of 116 hp and 120 Nm of torque. A sprint from 0 to 100 is done by the Mazda 2 Hybrid in 9.7 seconds. The drive is via a CVT automatic transmission.

How does the Mazda 2 Hybrid drive?

He rides surprisingly well! Now we already thought that of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, so of course it doesn’t come as a complete surprise. However, as mentioned earlier, the experience of this Mazda 2 Hybrid is less spectacular than some other Mazda models. Nevertheless, the car has excellent handling characteristics. And honestly, buyers of the Mazda 2 don’t care at all whether it’s dynamic or not either. In this segment, the 2 Hybrid simply offers a fine balance of comfort and fun handling. It is easy to push into the corner and because the torque is available immediately it comes off nice and lively. Nice!

Mazda 2 Hybrid

In the powertrain, gasoline and electric motors work together seamlessly. The transition between the two is only slightly felt. If you want to know exactly what’s going on under your butt, you can find a visual representation of the distribution in the drive on the central display. We have also now reached a point in the development the CVT where cursing it is a thing of the past. The transmission works great in this Mazda 2 Hybrid.

Mazda 2 Hybrid energy distribution

The city as a domain

In the city, the Mazda 2 Hybrid comes into its own. The smooth acceleration, light steering, short turning radius and compact dimensions make for enjoyable rides in built-up areas. In addition, kilometers are often traveled entirely electrically. Very nice for keeping consumption low and maneuvering smoothly through town. The roads just outside city limits the 2 Hybrid still manages to handle in reasonable comfort, but the highway is not its most favorite setting. Rolling and wind sounds then predominate in the car.

Mazda 2 Hybrid

Mazda 2 Hybrid

Mazda 2 Hybrid

Nice and economical

Mazda uses the same consumption figures as Toyota for the Yaris: 3.8 l/100 km, or 1 in 26.3. Is that realistic? Absolute! If you’ve spent some time in the car and are used to the systems, it’s really not difficult to get the car to drive more economically than factory specs. The car has regenerative braking (extra strong in B-mode of the CVT) which feels very natural, this way you don’t have to release the gas too far in advance and you don’t unnecessarily inconvenience other traffic because you want to drive economically. Secretly quite nice. In addition, the 2 Hybrid tries to turn to the electric motor as often as possible. With a little driver influence, this can easily be encouraged by using the throttle/power pedal in a certain way.

The Mazda 2 Hybrid – like the Yaris – cannot be charged with a plug. Thus, recharging the battery can only be done through braking and with the help of the internal combustion engine.

Mazda 2 Hybrid economical

Space in the Mazda 2 Hybrid

Super spacious, of course, the Mazda 2 Hybrid is not. The front seat is fine, but in the back it quickly becomes cramped for adults. The entire interior features convenient storage spaces. For example, there is a cup holder for everyone and clever compartments have been made in normally useless places. The trunk is relatively small compared to the competition at 286 liters. The rear seat folds down, increasing the luggage space to 935 liters.

Mazda 2 Hybrid trunk

Mazda 2 Hybrid rear seat


The interior is well put together, has good ergonomics and fine materials have been used. In the center we find a touchscreen displaying information about energy consumption, the trip, navigation and infotainment. Furthermore, your smartphone can be charged wirelessly and the 2 Hybrid has seat and steering wheel heating.

Mazda 2 Hybrid interior

Mazda 2 Hybrid interior

Mazda 2 Hybrid interior

Mazda 2 Hybrid interior

Mazda 2 Hybrid prices

Prices for the Mazda 2 Hybrid start at 23,990 euros for the Pure version. The Agile version starts at 26,190 euros. We drove the top version of the Mazda 2 Hybrid, called Select. It will be at your doorstep from 29,790 euros. The only option our test car did not have was the panoramic glass roof, a 1,500 euro option. Furthermore, each version comes with a comprehensive package of safety systems including Road Sign Assist, Lane Trace Assist, Hill Hold Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection.

Mazda 2 Hybrid