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Review – Fiat 600e (2024) – Solid EV with Italian flair

September 21, 2023

Fiat 600e

It is not often anymore that Fiat launches an entirely new model. The latest addition to their lineup was the Fiat 500e. At 4.17 meters long, the 600e falls considerably longer than the beloved city car, but it is about 10 centimeters shorter than its bigger brother, the 500X. While the 500X is available exclusively with gasoline engines, the 600e, as the “e” indicates, is available from the start with an electric powertrain. A mild-hybrid version of the 600e is planned for 2024.


The powertrain comes from the shelves of the Stellantis Concern, to which Fiat has belonged for several years. Other brands such as Jeep, Opel, Peugeot, DS and Citroën are also part of this group. Not surprisingly, the 600e shares numerous components with its Stellantis brother, such as the Jeep Avenger, Peugeot e-2008 and the Opel Mokka Electric.

Put it in Sport

Thanks to a 156 hp and 260 Nm electric motor, the electric Fiat gets off the road smoothly. It ticks 50 km/h in 4.4 seconds. In Turin, then, we have no trouble keeping up with the hurried Italian traffic. Above 50 km/h, acceleration drops a bit. A 0-100 sprint takes 9 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited at 150 km/h.

Full power is available only in Sport mode. In “Normal” and “Eco” modes, the electric motor is tempered by the software. Our tip: always keep it in “Sport” mode. Not because it lets you drive the pavers out of the way, but because it makes the driving experience considerably more comfortable. In this mode, the steering wheel provides just that little bit of extra feedback and allows you to maneuver through traffic more smoothly and efficiently without excessive throttle pressure. In the other driving modes, the 600e feels a bit more restrained due to the squeezed power.

Typical Fiat

The chassis and steering is typical Fiat. You can turn the steering wheel at any speed with your little finger, and the suspension is made for bad roads. So nice and comfortable. So despite that Sport mode, the 600e is not geared toward sporty driving. After all, many people don’t buy a B-segment crossover for that either. Driving safely and comfortably from A to B is what the new Fiat is all about.


In the bottom of the Fiat 600e lies the famous Stellantis battery with a capacity of 54-kWh. In the Fiat, it provides a range of 409 kilometers (WLTP). If you never leave town, you can even squeeze out 600 kilometers, according to Fiat. Charging is possible up to a maximum of 100 kW at a fast charger. From 0-80% charging takes about half an hour.

Design: Retro Charm

Like its smaller brother, the Fiat 500e, the 600e exudes retro charm with its characteristic round headlights. The upper half of the headlights consists of a half LED ring, giving it a recognizable look. Two versions are available: the base “RED” and the richer-trimmed “La Prima,” which flaunts chrome accents, extra tinted rear glass and 18-inch wheels. In addition, the La Prima has a power tailgate, seat heating, a rearview camera and a massage function.

Interior: Vintage Inspiration

The interior of the 600e exudes the same vintage inspiration as its smaller brother, the 500e. Like the classic Fiat 600 from the 1950s and 1960s, you’ll find a two-spoke steering wheel in the 600e. The dashboard design also breathes the atmosphere of the old 600, albeit with today’s technology. On the dashboard flaunts an elongated infotainment system running on familiar Stellantis software. While it’s not the fastest system in its class, you certainly can’t call it slow. It is uncluttered and all functions can be found intuitively. Physical buttons are placed under the screen, making it easy to adjust things like climate control quickly and simply.

Luggage space: practical and spacious

One of the advantages of the Fiat 600e over its Stellantis stablemates is its practical size. With a length a good half-meter longer than the 500e, it offers a fair amount of space. Luggage space is fine at 360 liters, which is considerably more than the Stellantis competition in this segment, such as the Mocha, DS3, and Jeep Avenger. Only the Peugeot e-2008 surpasses it with 405 liters of storage space.


For the 600e, Fiat once again combines retro charm with modern electric technology. With a solid range, ample space and characteristic Italian flair, the 600e is a serious contender in the growing B-segment of electric cars. Although the brand initially lagged somewhat behind in electric driving, Fiat is once again demonstrating that it is fully ready for the future.

Price 600th RED

The Fiat 600e is available from 35,9900 euros for the Red version. This slip-on comes in the appropriate color of red, including the logos front and back, but is also available in black or white. There are also red accents on the dashboard and red design elements in the recycled fabric seat covers. The cover of the storage space in the center console is also red.

Equipment includes power windows, automatic air conditioning, a rain sensor and a six-speaker audio system. The infotainment system includes a 10.25-inch display, TomTom navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It comes standard with safety and assistance systems and enables autonomous driving (level 2). These include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Intelligent Speed Assist (traffic sign recognition) and Blind Spot Detection.

Price 600th La Prima

As mentioned, the La Prima offers extra luxury and comfort. It is priced from 41,000 euros. This version comes with seat heating, a wireless phone charger and a rearview camera. In addition, the tailgate opens electrically and you will find a double cargo floor in the trunk.