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Paris Motor Show 2022: the 10 most striking cars

October 18, 2022

1. Jeep Avenger

Jeep is one of the few brands with a real first at the 2022 Paris Motor Show: the Avenger. Here you can read all about the first all-electric Jeep to take the B-segment by storm. Jeep further immediately took the opportunity to present an off-road version of the Avenger: the Avenger 4×4 Concept. With its rugged off-road tires, this version is not to be missed. It remains to be seen whether Jeep will actually put the 4×4 into production. At least the front-wheel-drive Avenger will be in showrooms next year.

2. Renault 4Ever Trophy

It occupies a prominent place on Renault’s rather extensive booth: the 4Ever Trophy. Not surprisingly, Renault is also taking advantage of the Paris Motor Show to present this study model to the public for the first time. The 4Ever Trophy attracts immediate attention with its large wheels, flared fenders and rugged bumper work. Not really ready for production, you might say, yet the 4Ever Trophy is a pretty concrete preview of the electric Renault 4, which will appear in 2025. To complete the fireworks at the booth, Renault put the 5 Prototype and the wacky R5 Turbo 3E next to it.

3. Alpine Alpenglow & A110 R

Besides the battery-electric car, the hydrogen car will also play an important role at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. Alpine is bringing the Alpenglow: a single-seat race car with futuristic looks and a fuel cell – fictional or otherwise. In fact, the Alpenglow is a static study model. However, the racer does show where Alpine wants to go in the near future with its design language. Next to the Alpenglow was the A 110 R at Alpine’s booth. We are already very curious about this lightweight version of the already not particularly heavy standard A110!

4. BYD

From the European brands, we make a brief jump to the eastern hemisphere. Because if there is íthing that the Paris Motor Show 2022 shows, it is that the Chinese are rapidly coming our way. BYD has one of the largest booths. Not surprisingly so, because Build Your Dreams – as you pronounce the brand in full – brings a nice arsenal of models: the Seal, Han, Tang and Atto 3 were all present. The latter in particular is important as a challenger to the Volkswagen ID.3, among others. All in all, BYD seems all set to start angling into European consumers.

5. Hopium Machina

The brand name Hopium may evoke associations with the addictive plant for some, but it is really a new car brand. With the Machina, a low-lined luxury sedan, Hopium is betting entirely on hydrogen. The promised performance impresses: a power output of more than 500 hp, capacity for 6 kilograms of hydrogen and a range of 1,000 kilometers. Hopium seems to be pretty far along with the development of the Machina, but as with so many other new brands, first see, then believe.

6. VinFast

Another manufacturer with a large booth at the 2022 Paris Motor Show is Vietnam’s VinFast. Like BYD, VinFast is bringing quite a few models to the show: the VF 6, VF 7, VF 8 and VF 9. The latter two are the first ready for production and this year VinFast plans to open its first Dutch store. Already know how a VinFast drives? We were already allowed out in Vietnam for a first driving test with the VF 8.

7. Racers from Peugeot and DS

Peugeot and DS are both also present at the fair, only both brands are not really bringing anything completely new. Peugeot still had the updated e-208 and some examples of the already familiar 408 on display, but the new e-308 was missing. At DS there was nothing new at all. The biggest attention-grabbers of these stands are the Peugeot 9X8 and the DS E-Tense Performance, both with genes from motorsports. The Peugeot will be in action next year at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, among others; the DS remains a study model for now. For now, as one does not completely rule out a production version

8. Wey and Ora

Even more Chinese brands. The conglomerate Great Wall Motor is introducing two brands new to us at the Paris Motor Show: Wey and Ora. Wey is a more serious brand that is higher in the market. The Coffee 01 – we still have to chuckle a little at that name – has to compete with the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE, among others, while the Coffee 02 is just a segment down. Instead, Ora takes a completely different tack with his roguish retro designs. We also can’t really get used to those names, “Funky Cat” and “Cat,” yet….

9. Namx

Drawn by grandmaster Paolo Pininfarina himself, the SUV from French start-up Namx impresses. The model does not yet have a name, although the French call it a HUV: “Hydrogen Utility Vehicle. The most special thing about this car is not even its hydrogen powertrain, but mainly its method of “refueling. In fact, you can change six capsules at the back of the car separately to have another charge of hydrogen on board. This must eventually take place at designated exchange stations. Namx’s SUV is due to hit the market in 2025. An interesting idea, but time will tell if it proves feasible.

10. E.Go e.wave X

Small, relatively affordable electric cars are currently still in short supply. German start-up E.Go is trying to change that with the e.wave X: a strikingly designed electric city car whose performance is not limited to the city. With an output of 116 hp, a top speed of 135 km/h and a range of 253 kilometers, you should also be able to just take it on the highway. In the interior, we see a full digital dashboard and, above all, lots of Alcantara upholstery. The price of the e.wave X is not yet known, but we hope that this German urban racer finds its way to the production stage soon!

Full photo gallery Paris Motor Show 2022

The above ten brands and models are a sampling of what will be on display at the Paris Motor Show. Unfortunately, the overall size of the fair is a lot smaller than before due to the absence of many major car brands. Fortunately for the car enthusiast, there is still enough to see to occupy at least half a day. View the full photo gallery here: