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One last time: the new Chrysler 300C

September 26, 2022

Chrysler 300

The American brand Chrysler has been releasing cars with the number 300 in the model name for many years. They initially did this in the 1950s with the Chrysler 300. This was followed by the 300M in the early 2000s. This car was succeeded by the first generation of the 300C, which shared much of its technology with cars from Mercedes-Benz.


In America, the 300C became a huge success and you also saw it occasionally driving in the Netherlands. Between 2004 and 2010, 2,717 were sold in our country. All European 300C models were built until 2010 by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. The second generation after 2010 was delivered in the Netherlands as Lancia Thema. Of these, only 108 went on yellow license plates.

Limited to 2,200 pieces

In Europe, the party is over for the 300C, but in America a new version is coming to market one more time. With the farewell model, Chrysler closes the 300C chapter in style. In the front is a monstrously thick Hemi-V8, good for 492 hp and 644 Nm. Announced as a special series, the latest 300C is limited to only 2,200 units.

V8 violence

A sprint to 100 km/h does the car in 4.3 seconds and the V8 violence does not stop until 257 km/h. If American owners get tired of the exhaust noise for a while, they can use the built-in damper system to muffle the sound. As with previous versions, the 300C is an automatic and is rear-wheel drive.

Old wine in new bags

The current, second generation was introduced in 2011 and still contains much of the same technology as the first generation from 2005. You can see that immediately, if you look at the interior in the photo below. Very sad, then, that the latest 300C is not coming to “the old continent.