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No SEPP subsidy for smallest city vehicles (L6e and L7e), report RFO and IenW

January 30, 2024

45 or 90 km/h

The L6e category includes models such as the Opel Rocks Electric, Citroën Ami or Fiat Topolino. In the L7e category, think of models like the Microlino and Silence S04. The top speed of L6e vehicles is limited to 45 mph. Vehicles in the L7e vehicle category reach 90 km/h.

Grant of 2,950 euros

On a new electric passenger car, individuals will receive a “discount” of 2,950 euros on the list price in 2024. All courtesy of the SEPP grant. By 2024, there will be a total of 58 million euros in the SEPP subsidy pot. A subsidy of 2,950 euros has a big impact on the price of a so-called microcar. But such a subsidy on L6e and L7e vehicles is not going to happen for now, although these vehicles are playing an increasing role in the energy transition. Especially in larger cities, such a vehicle is perfect for traveling from A to B.

Response from RFO

To what extent is it realistic that the SEPP subsidy will also apply to electric vehicles that fall within the L6th and L7th categories? Vincent Triest, spokesman for Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), said the following in a comment to “We are fine with people considering other (light) electric vehicles. We understand the disappointment that they are not covered by this subsidy scheme. However, this scheme is in line with the choices made in the Climate Agreement. A choice was made to stimulate the smaller and compact middle class electric passenger cars between €12,000 and €45,000. This year, like last year, the subsidy amount is €2,950 for a new electric passenger car.”

New cabinet’s move

Okay, so there is also no investigation to start using SEPP as yet to make L6e and L7e vehicles extra attractive to individuals? Nor are there any plans to go that way in the near future? Frank Verhoef, spokesman for Sustainable Transport and Soil A.I. at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, said the following in conversation with “No, not at the moment. Any new subsidy schemes to encourage electric cars from 01-01-2025 – and under what conditions then – will be up to a new administration.”