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New Renault 4 95 percent complete

November 16, 2023

AmpR Small-platform

Launched in 2025, the Renault 4 represents the reinterpretation of a universal car for the electric age. “It will be a car with maximum versatility, capitalizing on the winning ingredients of the Renault 5, such as the AmpR Small platform and infotainment,” Renault promises in a statement.

B- and C-segment

The car is being developed by Ampere, a new entity within Renault Group. In the coming years, Renault will focus mainly on cars in the B and C segments, which together are expected to account for 75% of the European EV market by 2030. Ampere uses two EV platforms for this purpose. These are the AmpR Small platform for the B segment (formerly CMF-B EV) and the AmpR Medium platform for the C segment (formerly CMF-EV).

Renault 4 2025

Reduce costs firmly

In addition to these platforms, Ampere has a clear roadmap to reduce costs based on a holistic EV system approach. By 2027/2028, Ampere aims to reduce variable costs between first- and second-generation C-segment electric vehicles by 40%, following a continuous trajectory, along three main pillars:

EV powertrain (battery and e-powertrain):

Vehicle (platform and upper body):

Renault 4 2025