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New Ford Mustang: not cheap, but greedy

February 1, 2024

New Ford Mustang is nice and old school

The new generation Ford Mustang is nice and old school. The brand will deliver the model with a new fourth-generation 5.0-liter V8. The Mustang GT comes with either a 10-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission. The standard Performance Pack includes 19-inch alloy wheels, a limited-slip sport differential for increased grip, 19-inch Brembo brakes and an Active Valve Exhaust that always offers an appropriate engine sound.

MagneRide undercarriage

The optional MagneRide suspension calculates driving conditions 1,000 times per second and uses an electronically controlled fluid to match the shock absorption to the current situation. The Electronic Drift Brake brings new technology, combining the Mustang’s drifting capabilities with the functionality of a traditional, mechanical handbrake. It is designed for both novice drivers who want to improve their drifting talents and drift experts who want a system for the real thing.

Interior Ford Mustang

The cockpit of the new Ford Mustang is entirely driver-focused, combining the best of the past, present and future. Behind the new, thicker and bottom-flattened steering wheel is a 12.4-inch digital instrument panel. This can be configured in different layouts. There are six interactive and configurable driving modes to choose from, optimizing the Mustang’s performance in all conditions: Normal, Sport, Slippery, Drag, Track and a configurable mode with multiple profiles, which can be tailored entirely to individual preferences.

The new digital instrument panel blends seamlessly into the central 13.2-inch SYNC 4 display. This turned toward the driver. B&O’s latest audio technology offers clear sound transmission through 12 speakers and a subwoofer.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse

The Ford Mustang Dark Horse is the sportiest, track-oriented Mustang in the lineup. At the heart of this new Mustang Dark Horse is an even more powerful version of the all-new fourth-generation V8 engine, which features new camshafts and unique tuning. For ultimate performance, the engine has a dual throttle body that admits twice as much air. The Dark Horse comes standard with a unique TREMEC six-speed manual transmission with a titanium shift knob. There is also a choice of a 10-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles behind the wheel.

Specific to the Mustang Dark Horse is the Blue Ember metallic paint – a cool, dark hue that emits a warm glow when light falls on it. The optional Appearance Package includes dark Notorious Blue Brembo calipers with a logo in lighter Grabber Blue.

More equipment Dark Horse compared to the GT

Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Ford Mustang Prices

GT – 328 kW (446 hp)

Dark Horse – 333 kW (453 hp)

Bizarre BPM amounts

You pay a lot of BPM for the new Mustang in the Netherlands. BPM amounts run from 75,692 euros to 80,084 euros, purely in CO2 penalty. It is actually too bizarre for words. Indeed, net – that is, without VAT and BPM – a Mustang costs just 45,337 euros for the Fastback 5.0 V8 with manual transmission. The Ford Mustang Dark Horse Fastback 5.0 V8 with manual transmission costs a net 56,583 euros.

Options Ford Mustang

RECARO sports seats – 1,800 euros

Dark Horse Appearance Pack – 1,500 euros

MagneRide Damping System, adaptive dampers with various preferred settings – 2,000 euros

Calipers finished in red with white logo – 450 euros

Colors Ford Mustang 2024

The new Ford Mustang is available in Oxford White (standard), Race Red ($550) and the metallic paints ($1,100) Absolute Black, Atlas Blue, Carbonized Grey, Dark Matter, Iconic Silver and Yellow Splash. Among the Premium Metallic paints (1,600 euros), there is a choice of Grabber Blue, Lucid Red and Vapor Blue. The color Blue Ember is reserved for the Dark Horse.

Ford Mustang 2024 - Colors

Performance Ford Mustang

One thing is certain: the new Ford Mustang is always fast. The Fastback base version with 446 hp sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds when combined with the 10-speed automatic transmission. The manual transmission takes 5.3 seconds to do this. If you choose the Dark Horse with automatic transmission, you will sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds. The manual transmission version requires 5.2 seconds for the same sprint. The Convertible needs a minimum of 5.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h if you take the manual transmission. The car takes 5.0 seconds. The top speed is the same in all cases: 250 km/h. Engine torque is also 540 Nm in all cases.

Ford Mustang 2024 - Technical specifications