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Lancia promises comeback: three new models coming!

November 28, 2022

Lancia disappeared? Well no!

Actually, Lancia never went away, because in Italy sales of the Lancia Ypsilon continued as usual. Outside Italy is a different story, where Lancia threw in the towel back in 2014. Unfortunately, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) previous comeback plan was not to succeed. Renaming Chrysler models did not bear the desired fruit. After that it became quiet around Lancia, except in Italy, that is.

These three models Lancia releases

But an Italian brand with so much history – it’s been around for 116 years – of course, you don’t let it be understuffed. Fortunately, Lancia’s new owner Stellantis (merger of PSA and FCA) feels the same way. Lancia deserves a comeback and it is going to come. The brand is gearing up for an electric future. There will be three new models between 2024 and 2028, namely a new Ypsilon, a new Delta and another flagship model.

The new Lancia logo

The great Lancia boss speaks: Luca Napolitano

“The new era of Lancia begins today with a new logo and a clear design vision,” said CEO Luca Napolitano. “Ahead of the new Ypsilon, we are introducing the new design language Pu+Ra Zero Design as well as the Pu+Ra Zero: a three-dimensional sculpture that is the inspiration for the vehicles that will be launched between 2024 and 2028.”

Napolitano continues: “The Pu+Ra Zero is a work of art in which past and future are in constant contact, in which elegance is balanced with the radical spirit of forms. Lancia will once again be a sought-after, respected and reliable brand in the European premium market.”

“Lancia will exclusively sell 100% electric vehicles by 2028.”

New design language Lancia Pu+Ra Design

So big words from the CEO. The new design language Lancia Pu+Ra Design is a contraction of “Pure” and “Radical. The Italian manufacturer makes a commitment that the soft, pure and sensual shapes of the Aurelia and Flaminia will return on future vehicles, but combined with simplicity and radicality as was the case on the famous Stratos and Delta at the time. As for the interior, the design team takes inspiration from Italian furniture design.

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero: extraordinary sculpture

Of course, the new logo also shines on the Pu+Ra Zero. This logo will also soon appear on the new Ypsilon, Delta and the yet-to-be-announced flagship model. The new logo will also be placed at dealerships. The new aluminum logo is inspired by the 1957 logo, which debuted on the Lancia Flaminia at the time. The Italian brand’s new font is striking. This differs greatly from previous logos.

Calice grille is illuminated

The front features of the Pu+Ra Zero are a reinterpretation of Lancia’s historic grille, the “calice. That is now projected by three rays of light into the future for greater recognition. This illuminated “calice” returns on all three new models, making them instantly recognizable both by day and by night. Above the “calice” appears the new Lancia inscription.

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero

Round tail lights

At the rear of the Pu+Ra Zero painted in Micalized Blue, the round taillights stand out. They are reminiscent of those of the Stratos. These also return on the Ypsilon, Delta and the third model. Finally, in side view, the new logo stands out.

Ten-year strategic plan

The comeback of this famous Italian brand includes a 10-year strategic plan. Three models are currently in the planning stages. A bee comes every two years. According to Lancia’s top executive, it is a solid and efficient roadmap that is rapidly evolving as part of Stellantis’ “Dare Forward” strategic plan. Lancia will sell only 100% electric vehicles.

This is Lancia’s plan

The other pillar of Lancia’s return is sustainability: in the cabin of the New Ypsilon, 50% of the touchable surfaces will be ecological. Moreover, work is underway to create an efficient and innovative distribution model, with 100 new exclusive showrooms in Europe and at least 15% fewer partners in Italy. In addition, the new system maximizes the use of online sales. The ultimate goal is to make Lancia a credible, respected and sought-after brand in the premium segment in Europe.