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How exclusive can an Indian be?

April 12, 2023

Las Vegas, glitz and glamour, show and lavish neon advertising: in this habitat these special Indian models do not look out of place. The Pursuit Elite and Chieftain Elite are new exclusive toppers with beautiful materials, colors and components. Touring buffaloes aimed at maximum riding comfort for riders who don’t look at a euro and above all want to enjoy cruising.

Limited number

Only 150 of the Indian Pursuit Elite will be built, in a unique color scheme with bronze accents. The 1,768cc V-twin produces 122 hp and 178 Nm of torque. The latter is enough to make this around 400 kg loebas still accelerate smoothly.

Indian Pursuit Elite

The equipment is Elite-worthy. We mention electronically adjustable shock absorption and suspension, adaptive LED headlights and heated seats for driver and passenger. The Pursuit Elite has a very large 7-inch display in the cockpit. Navigation is standard as well as an audio system with 16 speakers. Because American-style cruising includes being able to listen to your favorite music.

Indian Chieftain Elite

The Indian Chieftain Elite, in distinctive Bagger style, comes in just 175 copies. This variant also has extensive equipment with almost all of the components and color scheme of the Pursuit Elite mentioned above. Only with this model there is no top case and there is also a different power source. The Chieftain has the Thunderstroke 116 block: the most powerful air-cooled V-twin with a capacity of 1,890cc. A power rating is not mentioned, but the torque is: 171 Nm at 3.00o rpm.

Prices? Also exclusive

The Pursuit Elite is available starting at 52,390 euros. For the Chieftain Elite you will count down a minimum of 43,950 euros.