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How does brake fluid work?

November 27, 2022

How does brake fluid work?

A car has hydraulic brakes. That means a car’s brakes are pressurized by a hydraulic fluid. In the case of the brakes, this hydraulic fluid is the brake fluid. When you apply the brake, a piston moves in the brake cylinder. That way, pressure is applied to the brake fluid, the calipers bite into the discs and the car brakes. So brake fluid is actually a fluid component of your brake system.

Obsolete brake fluid

Brake fluid ages. This makes it need to be replaced every so often. This is usually after two years. The old fluid goes out of the brake fluid reservoir and the new goes in. The brake system is also vented. This all takes place during a service at the dealer/garage. The cost of replacing brake fluid is about 50 euros. May be a little less or more.

What types of brake fluid are there?

There are different types of brake fluid. The unit for brake fluid is DOT. This has to do with the height of the liquid’s boiling point. The higher the number after “DOT” is, the higher the boiling point. That boiling point is important for the brake fluid to work properly. This is because when the brake fluid boils, it stops working. So if your brakes get hot quickly during braking, it is wise to choose a fluid with a higher boiling point. Sports cars also have brake fluids with higher DOT ratings for this reason.