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Honda’s must-have

March 16, 2022

The Honda DAX is actually a variant of the Honda Monkey. Both have a pressed-steel backbone frame, a 9.4 horsepower 125 block and small 12-inch wheels. They are ‘fun bikes’ that you take to quickly go somewhere in the city and with which you put yourself in the spotlight.

Honda Monkey and DAX

It is special that Honda is breathing new life into trendy models of yesteryear. Many brands opt for a flashy look for their small motorcycles that is derived from their larger sporty and naked models. Honda is going on a retro tour to make gadgets. Honda was also unique about 40 years ago with the Monkey and DAX of that time. You often saw it in use as a pit bike in the paddock at motorcycle races, such as the TT in Assen.

Compact but not small

The DAX is a compact thing, but with a seat height of 775 mm you don’t have to worry about sitting with your knees up to your ears as a rider. The small wheels make for a very manoeuvrable bike, to which the low weight of 107 kg also contributes.

‘You meet the nicest people on a Honda’

The block with forward cylinder looks very authentic. Because especially the older readers will immediately recognize the engine that Honda used for its four-stroke mopeds, such as the Cub C50 and the SS50. On which you always saw happy smiling people in advertisements at the time with the recommendation ‘You meet the nicest people on a Honda’.

Consumption 1 in 63.7!

The fuel consumption of the new DAX will undoubtedly put a smile on your face: 1 in 63.7! With a full tank of 3.8 liters you can travel 250 km. With the current fuel prices you will not lose a tenner.

Fun in the city center

With 9.4 hp you have little to do on the highway. The top speed of 90 km/h won’t stop you, but there’s no reserve to overtake. Okay, you can grab a piece of the city ring, but you will certainly experience the most fun in the city center.


The Honda DAX is available from 5,099 euros, which is 100 euros more than the Honda Monkey. The nice scooter-like Honda Super Cub C125 with partly the same technology is available from 4,449 euros. With the Super Cub, the block delivers 9.9 hp. This scooter-like differs in more ways. It has an automatic clutch, much larger 17-inch wheels and a tubular frame under the sheet metal. Actually, this is the most practical 125 with retro looks.