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Hip city car Microlino is coming to the Netherlands!

June 5, 2023

Do you remember the BMW Isetta? This iconic egg-shaped little car was by far BMW’s best-selling model in the 1950s. One of the characteristic features of the Isetta was the door that was not mounted on the side, but on the front. The Micro Microlino is in fact the modern incarnation of that Isetta, and it bears strong resemblances to it. It was uncertain for a while whether the Microlino would come to the Netherlands, but in Louwman the relatively small company has now found a dealer/importer for the Dutch market.

What is the Microlino?

The Microlino, inspired by the BMW Isetta and other bubble cars of the 1950s, is an innovative electric microcar. The Microlino offers the advantages of a scooter and the comfort of a car. Despite its compact size, the microcar accommodates two people and has a luggage space of 230 liters. The electric motor produces 12.5 kW of power and 89 Nm of torque, good for a top speed of 90 km/h and a 0-50 time of 5 seconds. The weight of the Microlino depends on the battery pack you choose. The base model with 6 kWh weighs 496 kilograms, the version with 10.5 kWh battery weighs 513 kilograms and the 14 kWh variant has a weight of 530 kilograms.

Why will Louwman supply the Microlino?

Louwman says it is a mobility provider that wants to unburden people with sustainable and versatile mobility solutions for all generations. With its size, the Microlino can contribute to keeping urban areas easily accessible, according to Eric Louwman, president of the Louwman Group: “We are very pleased to contribute to improving urban mobility with Microlino. This fantastic new brand fits into our ‘Mobility for Life’ objective that offers our customers sustainable flexible mobility at any time of the day.” Still this year, Louwman will deliver the Microlino in the Netherlands.

What is the Dutch price of the Microlino?

The exact price of the Microlino is not yet known, but assume it will not be a cheap affair. Indeed, the brand previously communicated starting prices of about 18,000 euros. Quite a lot of money, especially when you consider that for less than 10,000 euros you can already have an Opel Rocks-e on your doorstep. Still, because of its looks, the Microlino can certainly become a success among wealthy city dwellers who also now pay well over 16,000 euros for a Birò. In addition, because of its higher top speed, the Microlino is also usable on provincial roads, although of course it is then no longer classified as a moped. The most expensive version of the Microlino is expected to cost nearly 23,000 euros. Gulp…