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Green light for license plate requirement for special mopeds

November 6, 2023

The of a special moped

A special moped is not eligible for European type approval because it falls outside the scope of Regulation (EU)168/2013. But a special moped also has the following requirements:

Special moped approved in the Netherlands

RDW: “You may use a special moped on public roads in the Netherlands if it has been authorized for that purpose by the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. Light slow vehicles that cannot meet the requirements for the regular moped or those of the special moped such as monowheels, hoverboards and electric skateboards may not be used on public roads.”

There are currently 17 vehicles authorized as special mopeds. Check the RDW website for the most current list of special mopeds.

License plate requirement

From the moment the registration and license plate requirement takes effect, it applies to all new special mopeds. Those who have already been admitted will have one year to sort it out.

Minister Harbers, said: “We see more and more new and innovative vehicles around us. Only some of them are approved and allowed to be used on the road. If vehicles are similar in appearance, it is difficult to tell if that particular vehicle is approved. I think that is undesirable, because unapproved vehicles have not been found to be safe enough. The introduction of a license plate requirement ensures that people as well as enforcers can see at a glance whether they are allowed to drive that vehicle.”

Registration and license plate requirement

The proposal is now being shared with the Senate and House of Representatives. It is then sent to the State Council. After that, the registration and license plate requirement can take effect. From the moment of entry into force, the duty applies to all special mopeds newly put into circulation. Owners of special mopeds already in circulation by then will have one year to approach the RDW: it can register their vehicle and provide it with a license plate.

5,000 special mopeds

The RDW has estimated that about 5,000 special mopeds are eligible for this transition period. They have indicated that this number is feasible and accommodating. Minister Harbers pledged that the cost of license plate fees should be proportional to users. Registering special mopeds already on the road will then cost 18 euros. The ministry will pay the difference between this price and the normal price of over 50 euros.

Design badge

What the license plate will look like has not yet been decided. However, allowance is made anyway for the sometimes limited space available for this on certain special mopeds.

Clarity on the road

License plates make it clear to everyone which vehicles can and cannot be used on the road. In addition, this makes the vehicle recognizable, so users as well as enforcers know what the vehicle can and cannot do.

The registration requirement will also allow better tracking of which vehicles are purchased in which places. The ministry estimates that the number of special mopeds will increase in the coming years. This has implications for crowding on the bike path. The ministry considers it important to keep a sharp eye on this expected growth.

Source: central government