From July truck license required for heavy-duty electric vans

December 7, 2023

End of tolerance policy

Although large electric commercial vehicles do not fall under the category of “trucks,” they often weigh as much as a small truck due to a large battery pack. Yet until now, a B license was sufficient to drive such a heavy electric van, as long as the weight did not exceed 4,250 kilograms. But that will come to an end. Starting in July, vehicles weighing more than 3,500 pounds – which applies to most large electric buses – will require a truck license to drive them.

Entrepreneurs not happy

Many business owners will therefore have to look for truck drivers or switch to diesel buses, which are a lot lighter. Dutch entrepreneurs are unhappy with Harbers’ decision. “The measure, which takes effect July 1, 2024, will have the effect of delaying sustainability. I will not be surprised if companies are forced to drive diesel vans again as a result,” said Raymond de Jong, spokesman for parties such as Transport & Logistiek Nederland (TLN), RAI Vereniging, evofenedex, Koninklijke Bouwend Nederland, VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland and Techniek Nederland.

Too short

The prosecution wants the measure to take effect July 1, 2024, but De Jong says that is too soon. “Many drivers of electric vans do not have a ‘big driver’s license,’ and that means – in these days of major driver shortages, companies can no longer continue to drive ‘sustainably.'”