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Ford Bronco now on sale in the Netherlands: smash that piggy bank

February 26, 2024

If Outer Banks of Badlands

Yep, the new Ford Bronco is available for order in the Netherlands effective immediately. Customers in the Netherlands have a choice of Outer Banks or Badlands. The Outer Banks has a chassis and tires that feel right at home on asphalt as well as off-road. The Badlands has a modified undercarriage and off-road tires. In addition to a limited slip differential, the Badlands features a front stabilizer bar release system. Moreover, the electromechanical intermediate transmission with high and low gearing and an automatic mode, can switch seamlessly between two-wheel and four-wheel drive, depending on conditions.

Power source Ford Bronco

Both versions of the Ford Bronco feature a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 gasoline engine rated at 335 hp and 563 Nm of torque. A 10-speed automatic transmission is also standard. A engageable low gearing allows it to maintain a speed of 6 km/h with an engine speed of 2,400 rpm. This ensures maximum tractive effort is available in challenging terrain conditions and reduces the risk of engine stalling.

Ford Bronco

Removable hardtop

The Bronco comes standard with a removable hardtop with a sound-deadening headliner. All four doors can be completely removed in just eight minutes using one tool, for the ultimate experience of the elements and even better visibility in challenging off-road situations.

Boron steel

Standard features of the Bronco include visible front and rear towing eyes, as well as a roof beam made of high-strength boron steel that features integrated side curtain airbags. The side airbags and front airbags also contribute to maximum protection while driving in extreme conditions.

Ford Bronco

Terrain Management System

The Ford Bronco also has a Terrain Management System that allows the driver to easily choose the best setting. In addition to on-road modes such as Normal, Eco, Sport, and Slippery, there are special G.O.A.T. off-road modes such as Mud/Track, Sand, and Rock Crawl. Above that, the Bronco Badlands also offers the motorsports-inspired Baja mode. Each mode optimizes throttle, gearbox shift times and steering response depending on conditions.

Trail Control

Trail Control works the same way as cruise control; the driver can set a speed of up to 31 mph. The system automatically controls acceleration and braking to maintain the selected speed while the driver concentrates on driving through difficult terrain.

Trail Turn Assist 

Trail Turn Assist utilizes torque vectoring with its braking system, reducing the turning radius by up to 40 percent by braking the inside rear wheel when off-road driving in confined spaces, while Trail One-Pedal Drive allows the driver to accelerate and brake using only the accelerator pedal, making it easier to accurately control speed when driving in difficult conditions. Driving assistance technologies include AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control.

Ford Bronco

Interior Ford Bronco

In keeping with the tough and functional exterior, the interior of the new Bronco is designed to be highly functional. Packed with technology, it is also robust in design and designed to withstand use in harsh conditions. The instrument panel is inspired by that of the first-generation Bronco, with colors based on natural palettes and outdoor equipment, and materials selected for their durability.


On the dashboard and center console are handles that passengers can hold on to in rough terrain. The center console features a wireless charging station that keeps the cell phone in place even at extreme inclinations. The instrument panel surfaces are washable and the physical switches in the interior are sealed with silicone and fitted with rubber contact points to protect them from the elements. This also makes them easy to clean.

12-inch LCD touchscreen

Although the Bronco is built for the toughest conditions, no concessions have been made in terms of comfort and convenience. The Bronco comes standard with an 8-inch instrument cluster with TFT technology paired with a central 12-inch LCD touchscreen. The latest-generation SYNC 4 communications and entertainment system, is capable of wireless Ford Power-Up software updates for new or enhanced features.

The Bronco also offers mounting points on top of the instrument panel where cameras or cell phones can be attached. It features dedicated 12-volt and USB power outlets. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also standard. So does the B&O Premium Sound System with 10 speakers including a subwoofer. The available FordPass app provides impressive connectivity and seamless integration with the SYNC 4.

The 360-degree camera system with off-road view is automatically activated when the off-road driving modes are engaged, providing a view of the wheels not possible from the driver’s seat and enhancing visibility while driving in challenging conditions, such as when driving over rocks.

Ford Bronco prices in the Netherlands

The new Ford Bronco can be ordered from Dutch Ford Agents starting today. After choosing either the Outer Banks or the Badlands version, all it takes is a click on the desired color before the first adventure can be planned. The net list price for the Badlands version is 62,940 euros and the Outer Banks version Ford delivers for 66,375 euros. Including Dutch taxes, the consumer price comes to 153,100 euros for the Bronco Badlands and 161,100 euros for the Bronco Outer Banks, respectively. Another example of BPM making cars unaffordable in the Netherlands….

Ford Bronco Outer Banks

Ford Bronco Badlands

Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco Badlands