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Circulation Fisker Ronin limited + other details!

August 11, 2023

Aimed at enthusiasts

For whom is a Fisker Ronin – a Super GT, according to the manufacturer – actually intended? “The Fisker Ronin is for people who enjoy driving, but who are also enthusiastic about design and demand that their high-performance vehicles embrace a sustainable future,” stated Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker. “Our goal was to create a classic large GT, updated for the 21st century and designed for customers who want to drive from Los Angeles to Napa Valley on a single charge of power or hit the highway at consistently high speeds without worrying about battery capacity.”

Homage to film of the same name Ronin

You wouldn’t immediately say so, but the Fisker Ronin concerns a convertible with space “for the whole family” and a little bit of luggage as well. According to Henrik Fisker, the car is an homage to the famous John Frankenheimer film of the same name, with epic chase scenes. Right.

Fisker Ronin is already available for reservation

In any case, the order books the Ronin opened on Aug. 3, 2023. Customers can pay a $2,000 deposit for the initial reservation. The price tag, as mentioned, is $385,000. Only 999 copies see the light of day.

Fisker Ronin


Fisker’s goal with the Ronin is to bring something unique to the higher-end market. It seats five people, while still leaving plenty of room for some luggage. That’s a unique combination. In addition to being distinctive in terms of design, the Ronin is also exceptionally fast. The expected 0-96 time comes out to about two seconds and the top speed is 275 km/h. That performance is possible thanks to a system power of over 1,000 hp. The emphasis will be on driving pleasure rather than autonomous technologies, although they will be available when needed.

Lots of carbon fiber

Access to the rear row of seats is gained with butterfly doors. Only one door handle is needed, as the front doors open electrically with a swipe or by using a smartphone. The handle then slides out when the rear doors are ready to be opened. All doors can be opened remotely with a smartphone. The folding carbon fiber hardtop is also activated by a smartphone and automatically slides into the trunk, leaving some luggage space; additional luggage space is available in a frunk: the front trunk.

Impressive range for Fisker Ronin

The Fisker Ronin will have an aluminum space frame with integrated battery cells to achieve its target range of 600 miles (960 kilometers). The 23-inch wheels are made of carbon fiber. In the interior, Fisker says it uses innovative recycled and sustainable materials, aiming to make Ronin the most sustainable supercar in the world. The Fisker Ronin also gets a 17.1-inch screen and driver instrument panel. In short: a promising BEV. Fisker has more in store.

Fisker Ronin

Fisker Ronin