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AutoRAI Podcast #7 | EU ban on combustion engines falters, Renault Espace returns as SUV, Netherlands’ most popular caravan pullers and all about the ‘new’ car brand Smart

March 13, 2023

In the seventh episode of the AutoRAI Podcast, we talk about the EU ban on internal combustion engines (by 2035) suddenly being called into question, the Renault Espace returning as an SUV and the most popular tow cars among caravan drivers in the Netherlands. We do so with our regular host Jur Raatjes and AutoRAI journalists Nile van Leeuwen and Wim Otten. In addition, Eva Hoonhout, Country Sales Manager at Smart Netherlands, will be our guest to tell all about the brand’s new start and its latest model, the Smart #1. In addition, AutoRAI editor Bart Oostvogels talks about his driving experience with the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen and about the design of the new Toyota Prius. Enjoy!

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