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AutoRAI Podcast (#16) – SPECIAL – Live from Wheels at the Palace

September 1, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast (#15) – Boudewijn Blok (Mobilize) on the future of mobility

August 25, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast (#14) – Mick de Haas (Wheels at the Palace) on the most spectacular car event in the Netherlands

June 16, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #13 | Randall van Poelvoorde on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the automotive industry

June 2, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #12 | Mike Belinfante (BYD Europe) on China’s biggest car brand

May 22, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #11 | Veilig Verkeer Nederland on the dangers of fast EVs, the rising number of traffic fatalities and speed on N roads

May 5, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #10 | Director RAI Association on plans for BPM increase, road pricing and charging station shortage

April 24, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #9 | 125 years of KNAC, the future of the classic car, huge differences in charging rates and Mitsubishi comeback

April 7, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #8 | All about BMW eDrive zones, cost of road pricing and the future of the universal garage business

March 27, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #7 | EU ban on combustion engines falters, Renault Espace returns as SUV, Netherlands’ most popular caravan pullers and all about the ‘new’ car brand Smart

March 13, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #6 | Electric driving unaffordable, TikTok in Mercedes, traffic jams in cities, Lightyear relaunch and all about Brunel Solar Team

February 24, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #5 | City cars disappear, danger of LED headlights, cheapest cars in the Netherlands, Ford back in Formula 1 and all about Every Brand Worthy

February 10, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #4 | the safest cars 2022, the future of SUVs, Lightyear’s bankruptcy and Total’s name change to TotalEnergies

January 29, 2023

AutoRAI Podcast #2 | Abel van Beest (Forze Hydrogen Racing) on racing on hydrogen

December 16, 2022