Electric driving

All about hybrid batteries

July 13, 2022

The batteries in hybrid cars and plug-in hybrids (plug-in cars) last quite a long time. Okay, the capacity does decrease, but not as fast as that of the battery in a smartphone. Not for nothing do most brands give hefty warranties. Minimum 7 years you do have with most hybrid brands.

Battery hybrid car: service life

The guarantee implies that a minimum of 70% of the battery capacity is guaranteed during the specified period/distance. Tests of hybrid cars that have been in operation for more than a decade and have passed the 200,000 mile mark show that battery capacity is rarely below 80%. Usually still above 90% even. So basically the battery lasts a car life.

Charging hybrid car

By definition, the high-voltage battery in a hybrid car has a good handling and working environment. Especially since charging and energy consumption is automatically managed by the car. Running the battery completely empty does not occur, because at 20% capacity remaining, no more power is drawn. Then the internal combustion engine does all the work. So discharging too far, which can shorten the life, is not an issue.

80% or 100% charging

Charging is controlled by the hybrid while driving. Actually, the battery will never be charged above 80%. With a plug-in hybrid, you can. 100% full charge takes more time and energy. Thus, charging from 80% to 100% via the plug takes a little longer comparatively. Many plug-in hybrids allow charging to be set at 80% maximum. If you are sure you would need the maximum electric range the next day, you can always set 100%.

Battery hybrid car: replace

Driving more than 200,000 kilometers with a hybrid car without battery problems is the rule rather than the exception. Suppose the battery should be replaced anyway it is often no longer worth the investment. Expect to pay between 4,000 and 5,000 euros, depending on the size of the battery. With two tons on the clock, you don’t make that investment. You wouldn’t have a new internal combustion engine fitted then either. It costs at least as much.

Battery hybrid car: repair

Is a broken battery repairable? That question is still sometimes asked. However, there are not many experiences. In theory, broken cells or parts in the lithium-ion battery can be replaced, but it is a lot of work and most dealers or garages do not have the necessary tools. Moreover, repair also costs thousands of dollars.

Used battery hybrid car?

The demand for a remanufactured or used battery for hybrid cars is hardly there. So they are not offered either. The aging fleet of hybrid cars, by the way, may be fueling that demand. Especially from buyers who want to use their car for longer, only then the choice for a used battery will depend heavily on the price asked for it. The market forces of supply and demand apply here.