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8 reasons why the F-Pace is the best-selling Jaguar ever.

March 20, 2024

1. Something different from German for a change

The Jaguar F-Pace is a serious alternative to the segment’s perennial establishment. We all know that list which includes the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and, to some extent, the Porsche Macan. Those who want something just a little different from German competitors have a very interesting option in the F-Pace.

2. Looks

That it is serious competition for previously mentioned models is due not only to its powertrain (more on that later), but also mainly to its looks. Because frankly, the F-Pace is just a handsome SUV to behold. ‘Our’ Portofino blue test car comes with the R-Dynamic HSE package, which includes standard 21-inch alloy wheels, larger brake discs, adaptive suspension, illuminated sills, black-colored accents and red brake calipers. No real exhausts unfortunately, they are hidden behind the bumper.


Jaguar-F-Pace-looks--back right

3. It comes as a plug-in hybrid

In addition to gasoline and diesel variants (including, of course, the SVR with its delicious-sounding V8), Jaguar also offers a version with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the F-Pace P400e, our test car. A Jaguar with a plug, in other words. This makes it not only better for the environment, but also a lot more economical than versions without electric assistance.

Jaguar F-Pace plug-in hybrid engine

Jaguar-F-Pace plug-in-hybrid

4. Excellent driving range

Hidden under the floor of the trunk of the F-Pace P400e is a battery with a capacity of 17.1 kWh. Yes, the electric range of the Jaguar F-Pace P400e varies depending on several factors, such as driving style, road conditions and ambient temperature. But in general, you can expect an electric range of about 50 kilometers on a fully charged battery. In addition, various driving modes allow you to determine at what times you let the P400e run electric. The maximum speed on the Dutch freeway is just fine with this F-Pace on electric power, but it is better to save some electricity for when you have to drive through heavy city traffic afterwards, for example. This is easily done by choosing a different mode using the selection button that disappears into the center console. Remains beautiful.

Jaguar-F-Pace range

Jaguar-F-Pace driving modes

5. Ditto performance

The plug-in hybrid powertrain in the P400e combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 300 hp and an electric motor with another 143 hp. The result is a system output of an impressive 297 kW (404 hp). Torque is also fine, because with 640 Nm you are never short of pulling power. Thanks to the electric motor, instant torque is available both from standstill and rolling. The P400e is always quick off the mark and that’s clever, since the car weighs a serious 2,230 kg. A sprint from standstill takes 5.3 seconds, but it is mainly the intermediate sprints that impress. Top speed is more than fine at 240 mph.

6. It is equipped with every luxury

Well, you say Jaguar, you say luxury. It is no different with the F-Pace. Inside it is a very nice place to be. The large panoramic roof provides plenty of light and gives a spacious feeling. This is secretly desirable, though, because the windows all around are relatively small. That, on the other hand, gives an immediate sporty feel. Speaking of feeling sporty, adopting a sporty seating position is excellent in the F-Pace. First of all, you take a seat in truly fantastic chairs. Although they don’t look immediately comfortable at first, as they seem rather thin, they are truly exquisite. They embrace you, in just the right way. They offer very high comfort, even on longer rides. The sports seats are sixteen-way power-adjustable, cool/heatable and feature massage function. The thick steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth.

All is also very well with the workmanship. Beautiful materials were used for the upholstery of the seats and dashboard. Even the parts in the interior that you touch often feel robust and solid, such as the drive mode selector and the physical buttons for the climate control.

The Pivi-Pro infotainment also contributes to the F-Pace’s fine user experience. The system works intuitively and responds quickly to your input. Moreover, the interface is attractively designed, though of course that is a matter of taste. Of course, if you prefer to pair with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, that’s also possible.

Jaguar-F-Pace interior seats

Jaguar-F-Pace interior-pivipro

Jaguar-F-Pace interior

Jaguar-F-Pace interior auto gearlever


Jaguar-F-Pace interior-backseat

7. Sporty driving characteristics.

It would be a shame if the interior’s sporty feel did not match the Jaguar F-Pace’s driving characteristics. Fortunately, this is not the case, as the F-Pace is a nice sporty SUV. In terms of handling and steering feel, the driver of the F-Pace has nothing to complain about. It is surprisingly easy to position despite its hefty size and weight, and the body also remains nice and stable. I guess the weight of the steering is on the positive side; it’s heavy enough for the sporty feel and light enough to be comfortable. The power and readily available torque definitely contributes to the car’s sporty character. The sound of the four-cylinder also sounds fine.

8. The financial picture

Finally, perhaps one of the most important reasons: its price. For a moment, the F-Pace is not a cheap guy with its starting price of just under 89,000 euros. But for that money, you do have the 404-hp P400e plug-in hybrid right away. The next step in the F-Pace’s price ladder is the D165 with 165 hp, which is on the price list for over 95,000 euros. That, of course, is because that car has a whopping 26,500 euros in bpm, whereas the P400e has 1,250 euros. Well, then the choice is quickly made. Another fun fact: the purchase price of the P400e is “only” 13,000 euros more that the entire bpm amount you have to knock off when buying the F-Pace SVR with 575-hp V8. Yikes!