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100% electric Abarth 600e gets 240 hp!

January 11, 2024

Perfo-eCMP: a platform for peak performance

Abarth and Motorsport jointly developed a new platform using smart technology, racing knowledge, technical expertise and thousands of test hours. The result is Perfo-eCMP: a platform based on the trusted eCMP platform.

Differential lock

“Every technical element has been analyzed, refined and tuned by a joint team of engineers, experts and testers from both Abarth and Motorsport. For an even higher level of performance, the new Abarth is also equipped with a limited slip differential developed for the specific needs of an electric powertrain,” reads the official statement.

Abarth 600e

Abarth 600e: the most powerful Abarth ever

The new Abarth features system power of 176 kW (240 hp) and a smart braking system, which offers more power and stability thanks to large brake discs and large disc surfaces for better heat dissipation and more resistance to “brake fading.

New tires

Newly developed tires derived from experiences in Formula E racing offer maximum grip without compromising range and acoustics. The softer rubber tread on the outer and center sides provides extra grip when cornering and improved range. At the same time, a polyurethane insert provides acoustic insulation, reducing perceived noise levels by 20%.

Sporty interior

Inside, comfortable seats with racing ergonomics contribute to a pleasant seating position. The high-performance seats are composed of four different foams to provide optimal support for every part of the body. Their enveloping shape is designed to provide plenty of support when cornering. The higher density foam also provides high durability. More details will follow soon.

Abarth 600e