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Zero Emission Commercial Vehicles (SEBA) subsidy scheme in 2023: all details

January 17, 2023

SEBA grant amount in 2023

The SEBA grant scheme was created in 2021 and will continue until Dec. 31, 2025. The subsidy ceiling per commercial vehicle varies from year to year. In 2023, the total SEBA annual budget is a solid €33 million and the subsidy comes to 10% of the purchase value with a maximum of €5,000. A slight difference exists for small businesses and nonprofit institutions. For those parties, the subsidy rate is 12%.

Only with purchase/financial lease

With 33 million euros, about 7,500 commercial vehicles can be purchased with SEBA subsidies. As mentioned above, the Zero Emission Company Cars Subsidy Scheme applies to entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. You are only eligible for the SEBA scheme when you buy/financial lease a new, locally emission-free commercial vehicle. Through operating lease, the leasing company must apply for the subsidy.

Vehicle category N1 or N2

Only cargo commercial vehicles of vehicle category N1 or N2, with a maximum weight of 4,250 kilograms, are eligible for SEBA. After SEBA’s application is approved, it takes up to 7 months until the commercial vehicle is delivered. If there is a longer lead time, the applicant may extend this approval period by up to 5 months.

To be combined with Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA)

If the subsidy pot is empty, one must wait until the new year. The Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland works
the state of the SEBA budget
updated every Monday. So checking the remaining budget every now and then is worthwhile. SEBA can also be combined with the Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA). RFO provides more information on that topic on this website:

Important: the requirements!

The commercial vehicle to be purchased must be new, locally emission-free and equipped with an electric motor. The net list price from vehicle category N1 is €20,000 or more, excluding VAT, including bpm and including options fitted prior to the declaration of the license plate. On the SEBA application date, the vehicle must not yet be registered. There are many other conditions. We list all conditions for SEBA 2023 for you below.

SEBA 2023

Conditions SEBA 2023

To apply for SEBA, you must meet these requirements:

Applicant requirements

Company car requirements

Technical requirements