YouTuber screws everything off his Tesla Model S Plaid to break 0-100 time

July 21, 2023

Tesla Model S Plaid

After our week of testing with the Tesla Model S Plaid, we felt the need to stop by the physical therapist. A 0-100 time of 2.2 seconds won’t go easy on you. But American YouTuber BoosterBoiz didn’t think it was fast enough. So he really stripped his 1,020-hp Tesla Model S Plaid to the bone. Hood? Gone! Trunk? Gone! Doors, windows, seats and all the unnecessary frills? Get rid of it! He reduced the weight of the powerful electric sedan from 2,100 kg to 1,800 kg. All for one purpose: to break the specified 0-100 time.


That should easily work with a weight savings of a whopping 300 kilograms, right? However, modern cars are designed down to the smallest details and perfected in wind tunnels for a reason. The stripped-down version of the Model S looks more like a solid brick than a streamlined speed demon.


His attempt to improve the acceleration time therefore fails. A Model S Plaid needs – according to Tesla – just 2.1 seconds for a 0-100 sprint. In America, that equates to 2.2 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. The YouTuber – without modifications to his car – did not get under 2.35 seconds. After the hefty cosmetic surgery, and with a weight reduction of 300 kilograms – it did not take shorter, but rather longer: 2.43 seconds. You can watch the failed experiment below:

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