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Your dream car too expensive? Have you thought about second-hand?

November 30, 2022

Everything is getting more expensive. Groceries, materials and, of course, cars. This article could be about disproportionately rising inflation making it almost impossible to buy anything. It won’t be. After all, you are much better at thinking in terms of possibilities. Take the car, for example, and preferably your dream car. Unaffordable? In practice, this is not so bad. In fact, second-hand models are of excellent quality and a lot better for your wallet.

What models can you buy second-hand?

That’s simple. After all, you can buy almost any car used. Perhaps it will be difficult for the most exclusive models, but in general, you can buy any make and model as second-hand. Suppose you would like to have an Audi, you can look for an Audi Q5 used car. The choice is quite extensive, allowing you to buy a car that you are going to enjoy for many years to come.

Is it some quality?

When buying a car, new or used, you can’t control everything. It is still a car with an engine and they can start to show defects. With new cars, the chances of getting something wrong with one of the parts quickly are slim. Fortunately, you can build in some security even with used models. How do you do that? By choosing an authorized dealer.

Used cars are sold in a variety of ways. Through a bill on the rear window, on a bulletin board such as Marketplace and through authorized dealers. With the latter group, you may pay a little more, but you also buy a lot of security. Occasions from a dealer have been extensively checked, you may get another warranty, and you have an immediate address where you can get maintenance done.

More and more electric used cars

It is far from mandatory to drive electric and, for the time being, gasoline cars may still be sold. Yet electric driving is the future. Because these cars have not been on the market for very long, the selection of used models is somewhat limited. This supply does increase ever so slightly.

With a used electric car, though, keep in mind that the range is often short. 200 kilometers, maybe a little more. With the newer models, you can drive a lot longer without having to recharge.

No 9-month wait

Buying a new car is easy. Only the delivery time has the length of a pregnancy. This is a problem all over the world, in different sectors. The auto industry cannot escape this dance either. With a used car, you don’t suffer from that waiting period.

Once you’ve purchased a used car, it will be thoroughly checked again. So you can’t take the car right away, but you certainly don’t have to wait 9 months for it either. A week, two at most, and you can start taking your first drives in perhaps the car of your dreams.